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Episode 56:

Unlocking the Power of External Motivation: Reward Ideas for Motivating Kids and Teens

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Are you struggling with the challenge of motivating a child or teen who doesn’t seem to respond to the traditional rewards, such as extra screen time or taking away their cell phone?

You’re not alone, and this episode is your guiding light to transform your approach to your child’s motivation.

📌 In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

  • [6:42] Building the Motivation Muscle: A quick review of the fundamental elements essential to nurturing your young person’s motivation.
  • [13:10] The Power of External Rewards: Dive into why acquiring external motivators (rewards) is crucial in the journey of motivation building. You’ve got to understand how it works in order to use it effectively.
  • [18:55] Six Pitfalls of Rewards: Explore the six common mistakes parents make when using rewards as motivation tools – and how to avoid them.
  • [25:55] The Six Reasons Why Rewards Don’t Seem To Work: Discover the six most common reasons why some young people don’t initially respond to external rewards and how to address these challenges.
  • [38:06] Quick Tips for Success: Nine practical tips to effectively use external rewards as a motivating strategy tailored to your unique child or teen.

Join me in this episode as we embark on a journey from apathy to action, igniting your young person’s motivation with external rewards, even if they don’t seem motivated by the traditional ones. Remember, you’re not just managing your young person’s motivation; you’re nurturing a motivated, confident, and successful individual.

🌟 Here’s to a future filled with motivation, progress, and remarkable achievements. Tune in now and let’s spark the fire of motivation in your young person! 🌟

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