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The Ultimate Guide To Igniting Independent Thinking

Discover the power of nurturing independent thinking in your child or teen with my transformative resource, “The Ultimate Guide to Igniting Independent Thinking.” This comprehensive guide is your roadmap to raising self-reliant, confident young people in today’s fast-paced world.

Packed with science-backed strategies and practical tips, this guide demystifies independent thinking, showing how it’s not disobedience but a skill vital to your child’s success.

Unlock your child’s potential and start this empowering journey today. Don’t miss this game-changing tool in your parenting toolkit!

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Solve Your Child or Teen’s Sleep Problem

Does your child or teen prefer to sleep all day and stay awake all night (the vampire sleep schedule)? Or do they find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep all night?

When young people don’t get restful sleep, they have problems with their health, with school, and with their behavior. Learn how to solve your child or teen’s sleep issues with this comprehensive guide.

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Gamer Rage Guide

What is Gamer Rage? It’s when a child or teen gets so wrapped up in a video game that they yell, cry, kick things, throw things, or just make everyone in the house miserable. Solve any Gamer Rage issues by using the tips and strategies outlined in this guide.

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Want to get your child’s behavior back on track? This 4-page workbook will guide you on using techniques (backed by science) that will transform your child into a kid who constantly gets compliments on their behavior!

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Got a child who tends to talk them out of great stuff because of their negative self-talk? Help your child plug back into life again by helping them gain confidence through turning their negative thoughts about themselves (or the situation) into positive — and EMPOWERING — thoughts.

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How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Teen So That You Get Your Point Across & Create a Close Parent-Child Bond

You want to be able to positively influence your tween or teen when they come to you with difficult conversations, right? Are you tired of hard conversations between you and your child being characterized by yelling or hurt feelings?

Learn how to have meaningful conversations with your tween or teen that provide the guidance they need to become good people while also building a close parent-child bond. It CAN be done using these science-backed techniques.


The Ultimate Guide to Kids and Technology

This guide explains the psychology behind why kids get addicted to technology – and what YOU can do as a Modern Parent to promote a smart and healthy balance between online activities and offline ones. 
It also gives you specific advice on best practices for smartphone, gaming, social media, and Youtube use.
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ONLINE QUIZ: Find Out Your Child’s Motivation Personality

Did you know that there are 7 different motivation personality types? In order to work WITH your child’s natural personality type (instead of AGAINST it!) you must first know what you’re working with. Take this simple 2 minute quiz and find out!

The 7 Motivation Personality Types: How To Work With Your Child’s Natural Personality To Encourage Self-Motivation

Frustrated that your child seems to lack motivation for homework, extracurricular activities, and/or household chores? There is a way to work with their innate personality in a way that sparks their self-motivation skills to develop. Download this quick eBook to find out how.


Transformative Autonomy: How To Transition From a Parent-Centered Environment to a Child-Centered Environment

Our goal as parents is to raise kids who independently make good decisions, pursue worthwhile passions and interests, and have goals for the future. However, most parents know that kids just aren’t born with the skills necessary to become independent by the time they are young adults – we have to teach them these skills, Find out how to start with a parent-controlled home environment that slowly gives way to the child being in control – all because they were taught how to make good decisions.

Resistance Plan

What is the #1 reason why your child isn’t motivated to do their homework or chores? Because they give in too easily to the feeling of resistance! Use this step-by-step worksheet to develop a plan with your child that enables them to overcome resistance when it happens.

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The Summer Schedule Planner

Tired of your child or teen wasting their summer break on screens?

Do you wish you had more time to bond with your child or teen during the summer?

The Summer Schedule Planner will take you step-by-step through a process that will allow you to plan a summer schedule for your child or teen that gives them a healthy mix of relaxation and responsibility – AND you get to build a close and positive parent-child relationship in the process!

Download the planner now!

Contract Between Parent & Child For Smartphone Use

The best way to teach your child how to use a cell phone responsibly is by setting up smart boundaries right away. This downloadable PDF contract template allows the parent to effectively communicate these boundaries to the child.

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Contract Between Parent & Child: Gaming

If you have a child that plays video games on a console, smartphone, or tablet, then you NEED to communicate your expectations about their gaming behavior – and this contract helps you start that conversation. It allows you to communicate your expectations regarding how much time they are allowed to game, which games they can play, how much they can spend on extra downloadable content, as well as their conduct while playing the games.

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Contract Between Parent & Child For Social Media Use

There are lots of risks when allowing your child to use social media. Set standards with social media by communicating your boundaries.

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Learn how to repair or build a positive relationship with your child through better communication.

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Help Your Child Find Their Passions and Interests

Every child has individual strengths and talents…and the good news is that when your child finds their unique interests, then they are more likely to spend their time on worthwhile activities rather than video games, social media, or tv.

Sometimes kids naturally gravitate to a certain passion or interest, but sometimes they need help finding it. Use this worksheet to help your child discover their unique passions and interests today!



Allow your child to learn through doing – but teach them how to do it the smart way!

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This PDF helps the Modern Parent discover how their own behavior might be contributing to their child’s misbehavior.

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Homework time doesn’t have to be difficult – bring peace to your afternoons with this handy schedule.

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Extracurricular activities are a good thing for Modern Kids, but too many can be counterproductive. Figure out which activities are worth spending time on, and which ones can be eliminated by completing this downloadable PDF.

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Modern Parents CAN find enjoyment with BOTH their parenting and their career! Figure out how to enjoy both aspects of your life by downloading and printing out this PDF worksheet to discover my best tips on work/life balance.

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Trust me – there are some simple solutions to your work/life stress! Download and print out this PDF and learn how changing just a few simple things can have a HUGE impact on your work/life peace.

Household Chore Contract

Help your child learn responsible behavior – and create a predictable and consistent after school routine – with this Household Chore Checklist.

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