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Individual Therapy FAQ

Got questions about individual therapy? Find your answers here.

Questions & Answers About Individual Therapy FAQ

What is individual therapy?

Individual therapy, or one-to-one therapy, provides the best opportunity for a child or parent to get the most growth from therapy. This is because I can work directly with your child or with you to create and accomplish your specific treatment goals. Read on for more individual therapy FAQ!

How long is the individual therapy appointment?

Each individual therapy session lasts 45 minutes.

How long does it take for individual therapy to work? And how long does it last?

While every child’s challenge is unique, I believe that therapy should not be a crutch for your child, and that therapy should not drag on forever. Research tells us that clients usually see progress on their therapy goals after about 4-6 sessions and that the average therapy case takes about 16 sessions.

What if my child (or teenager) doesn't want to go to therapy?

If this sounds like your child, then you are definitely not alone! Most kids don’t like to be “forced”” to go to therapy, and part of my training is helping kids see the value in working on their problems with me in therapy. It might take a few weeks, but your child will come around – and they’ll be better for it in the end!

How do I schedule an individual therapy session?

Before scheduling your first session, let’s first make sure we’re a good fit for each other. Research shows that the quality of the client-therapist relationship has a lot to do with how effective therapy is for the client. As such, I like to schedule a free 20-minute phone consultation first. It’s super easy to set up this phone consultation:
  • Click on the green button below that says “Schedule an Appointment”
  • Then, simply click on the option “Initial Phone Consultation – No Charge”
  • Finally, select a day and time that works for you.
It’s that easy to start your or your child’s journey of healing!

Do you just see kids for individual therapy?

No, both parents and children can be seen in individual therapy. My passion is helping the family unit overcome any modern challenge that comes your way. Sometimes that means working with a parent individually to work on parenting skills, support with parenting a challenging child, confidence with parenting decisions, or devising co-parenting strategies. There are times I work with the just the parent and child together or with the whole family.

Is everything that my child says in therapy confidential? Is the parent allowed to know what is going on?

Yes and no. In order to create a safe place for your child to discuss difficult things, I generally keep the details of what they tell me private. However, there are a few exceptions when it comes to the safety of your child:
  • I will ALWAYS alert you immediately if I believe your child is in immediate danger and we will decide how to proceed together
  • I will alert you if your child is engaged in unsafe activities (such as drug use or sexual activity) if your child does not follow through on the safety plans that we discuss in therapy.
Your child’s safety is my top priority so I will always partner with you when I believe they are in danger.

Do we have to come every week for therapy to work?

No. I understand that families are busy and that school, extra-curricular activities, and family functions are part of the healing process. As such, I am flexible with how frequently we see each other. This means that I usually see clients weekly or bi-weekly.

How much do you charge? Do you take my insurance?

I charge $150 per session.

I am in-network with several insurance companies, and can provide a “Superbill” for insurance companies where I am out-of-network (and you can possibly be reimbursed).

Individual Therapy FAQ – How Do I Get Started?


Free 20 Min Phone Consultation

Research says that the client-therapist relationship is a HUGE factor in whether or not a client makes progress in therapy. Let’s schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation to make sure we are a good fit for each other.

Click the green “Schedule an Appointment” button below, then select “Initial Phone Consultation – No Charge”.

You can also call (909) 326-2526

Schedule an Appointment

Ready to schedule that first session?

Scheduling an appointment is EASY and low-stress with my online scheduling widget!

Just click on the greenĀ “Schedule an Appointment” button below or call:

(909) 326-2526

I do require a credit card number in advance and you will be charged after the session.



What About Recurring Sessions?

During the first session for you, your child, or both (or all) of you, we’ll decide together on scheduling future sessions. If we decide to meet weekly or bi-weekly after the initial session, I will set that up for you in my scheduling widget. Your credit card will be charged after each session.

Want to Schedule a Session? Enter Your Name and Phone Number Below and an Intake Coordinator Will Call You Back.

IMPORTANT: For all emergencies, please DO NOT use email. Call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.


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