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Parent Coaching

Work With Dr. Becca Ballinger


Before purchasing a parent coaching session, I want to make sure you understand the difference between therapy and coaching.

While I am a licensed psychologist, my license only allows me to practice therapy in the state of California. Therapy focuses on addressing mental health issues (i.e., anxiety, depression, past trauma, etc.). The sessions involve a lot of discussion about the past and how to use coping strategies to help the individual live a better life in the present and future.

Parent Coaching allows me to work with parents from all over the United States – I am not limited to only working with parents living in the state of California. Coaching sessions focus on specific parenting skills and improving a particular challenge that is having a negative impact on the family.

If mental health issues arise in the coaching sessions, I will refer you to a mental health professional in your state.

 1-on-1 Coaching

1 Session – $250 | 5 Session Package (10% Discount) $1,125

Get individualized help with your specific parenting challenge(s). Topics can include:

  • Effective Communication: Strategies for improving communication with kids and teens of all ages, including active listening, empathetic responses, and age-appropriate conversation techniques.
  • Behavior Management: Techniques for addressing challenging behaviors, setting boundaries, and implementing consistent and effective discipline strategies.
  • Emotional Regulation and Support: Helping parents understand and support their young person’s emotional needs, including managing tantrums, anxiety, and other emotional responses.
  • Parent-Child Relationship Building: Techniques for strengthening the bond between parent and child, such as quality time, shared activities, and understanding love languages.
  • Parental Self-Care and Stress Management: Importance of self-care for parents, managing parenting stress, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance.
  • Digital Safety and Screen Time: Advising on managing screen time, internet safety, and navigating the digital world with young people.
  • Teen-Specific Issues: Guidance on topics specific to parenting teenagers, such as independence, peer pressure, social media use, and preparing for adulthood.
  • Cultural and Value-Based Parenting: Understanding and integrating family values, cultural beliefs, and traditions into parenting practices.
  • Parenting Philosophy and Style Development: Assisting parents in defining and refining their parenting philosophies and styles to align with their values and the needs of their young person.
  • Other – Tailored Support for Unique Concerns: If there’s a specific parenting challenge or topic you’re facing that doesn’t neatly fit into the categories listed, don’t worry. This ‘Other’ option is here for you. Whether it’s a niche concern, a situation specific to your family, or an emerging issue that hasn’t been widely discussed, I am here to provide support and guidance.

Upon purchasing your initial package, you will receive a comprehensive intake questionnaire. This crucial step allows me to understand your specific parenting situation and challenges in-depth. By completing this questionnaire, we can jump straight into tailored strategies and solutions from the very first session, ensuring a focused and effective start to our journey together.

Online Parenting Class

$47 – $74

Learn Modern Parenting Strategies in the online Modern Parenting Course. This course is self-paced and presented through pre-recorded videos taught by Dr. Becca Ballinger.

At the end of the course, you will receive a completion certificate that is accepted by family courts in all 50 US states.

Coaching FAQs

How is coaching different from therapy?

While I am a licensed clinical psychologist, the coaching sessions do NOT involve therapy.

There are 2 primary distinctions between therapy and coaching:

  1. Often, the focus in psychotherapy is more on healing from the past, while the focus in coaching is more on getting you to where you wish to be next.
  2. Coaching sessions are more solution-focused and results-oriented than treatment through psychotherapy. This means that coaching sessions are time-limited and fast-paced than psychotherapy sessions.

Again, if mental health issues arise during coaching, I will refer you to a local mental health therapist in your area to address that issue.

Why do I have to purchase a coaching package?

Coaching works best when I have a committment from you to work over a period of at least 5 sessions. 

How do I sign up for coaching?

If you believe that I can help you with your parenting challenge, then follow the steps below to get started:

  • Complete the interest form (Click HERE to access the form)
  • You will receive an email prompting you to pay for a 5-session package
  • After payment is made, you will receive an email asking you to schedule the first coaching appointment
  • You will also receive an email asking to you complete the pre-coaching assessment.
Are coaching session online or virtual?

The coaching sessions are all online. 

What are the coaching sessions like?

I tailor your coaching session to fit your individual parenting needs.

The pre-coaching assessment allows me to dive right into your specific needs during our first session. I hate to waste time on unnecessary paperwork and useless questions!

Some of the most popular parenting challenges that I help parents with are:

  • Creating a behavior plan that works for that individual family. This behavior plan includes family expectations, rewards, consequences, and support for the parent as they go through the hard work of implementing the plan at home.
  • Helping divorcing (or already divorced) parents become peaceful and effective co-parents.
  • Assisting parents with strategies that encourage their kids to stop wasting so much time with online games and social media, and spend more of their time on worthwhile activities that tap into their innate passions, talents, and interests.
  • Improving the parent-child relationship, no matter how it became broken. I especially love this work – it is so rewarding to help a parent and child heal their relationship!

The above topics are just a few ideas. When submitting the interest form, you will be asked to describe your parenting challenge and I will let you know if your topic is not appropriate for coaching.