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Video Therapy

Join Us In Our Online Play Room!

While in-person therapy is our favorite way to bond with and help your child, our biggest concern is the safety of your child and our therapists – that’s why we also offer video therapy.

We realize that the behavioral and emotional needs of young kids aren’t put on hold during a pandemic, and that means that we have had to adapt to addressing these needs in both the in-person playroom and in our online playroom.

Does Online Video Therapy Actually Work For Young Kids?

Yes! Bringing our Play Therapy techniques into the online Play Room is so effective!

study posted in Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review in 2018 examining 3,113 children ages between the ages of 6-18 showed that computerized and internet Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) interventions for both depression and anxiety were effective in helping these kids. There have been countless other studies that have shown the efficacy of using video to address emotional and behavioral challenges in kids as young as 3-years-old.

In our experience, we’ve seen so much success using video to help our young clients improve over the course of the Pandemic. 

What Goes on in The Online Play Therapy Room?

We’ve found that our young clients look forward to online Play Therapy (just like they do with in-person Play Therapy!) because it is active, fun, and meaningful.

When the Play Therapist logs into the session with the young child, they will first ask for an update from the parent. Next they will begin the intervention with the child.

Possible inteventions could be:

  • A game used to teach and reinforce the use of coping skills to manage emotions and behavior
  • An art activity that allows the child to express their feelings in a safe and easy way
  • Reading a book together and talking about the theme
  • Creating and then using a “magic wand” to make wishes and figuring out how to make those wishes come true

What Types of Problems Does Online Play Therapy Address?

Play therapy has been proven to help young children with:

  • Processing trauma and loss
  • Reducing childhood anxiety
  • Reducing childhood depression
  • Improving problematic or out-of-control behavior
  • Building and improving social skills
  • Improving academic difficulties.

Play therapy can be particularly effective at strengthening family relationships.

In Our Online Play Therapy Room, We Can:

  • Play Therapeutic Games
  • Work on gaining a better understanding of emotions and behavior through interactive worksheets
  • Use common art supplies to talk about hard things
  • Role-Play new ways of interacting with others
  • Observe parent-child interactions and coach parents during difficult situtaions
  • And much, much more!!!


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