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Episode 55:

Three (Bad) Parenting Habits That Destroy Your Child or Teen’s Motivation

Feeling overwhelmed by your young person’s lack of motivation? Struggling to inspire them to reach their full potential?

If you’re nodding along, desperate for a change, this episode is your beacon of hope! You’re not alone, and today’s episode is the first in a series dedicated to revolutionizing your approach to your child’s motivation.

Get ready to embark on a journey that promises to transform not just this semester, but potentially the entire academic trajectory of your young person.

📌 In This Episode, You’ll Discover:

[5:34] Parenting News: Dive into a compelling study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Understand how your consistency as a parent can significantly influence your child’s willingness to step out of their comfort zone. This segment illuminates the critical role you play in your child’s growth, learning, and maturity.

[11:54] My Personal Motivation Journey: Hear my story about how I became deeply invested in the topic of motivation. This personal reflection provides insights into why I’m passionate about helping parents and their young people flourish.

[15:57] Motivation 101: A must-listen for every parent! Gain essential knowledge about young people and motivation. This foundational segment breaks down what motivation really means and how you can effectively nurture it in your children.

[24:43] Motivation Destroyer #1: The Pitfalls of Praise: Unlock the hidden consequences of Unearned, Unrealistic, Excessive, or Vague Praise. Learn how this well-meaning habit can inadvertently cripple your child’s independence and drive. Discover effective ways to offer praise that genuinely uplifts and motivates, fostering a healthier and more inspiring environment for your child.

[34:15] Motivation Destroyer #2: Balancing The Academic Scale: Dive into the critical habit of Setting The Academic Bar Too High or Too Low. Understand how this balance can significantly influence your child’s motivation and sense of mastery. Uncover strategies to strike the perfect academic challenge for your child, boosting their confidence and eagerness to learn.

[44:13] Motivation Destroyer #3: The Parental Compass – Understanding Your PVBs: Reveal the impact of not Practicing or Knowing Your Personal Passions, Values, and Beliefs (PVBs) on your child’s connectedness and overall motivation. Explore how this oversight can hold back your child’s emotional development and motivation. Learn transformative approaches to align your parenting with your PVBs, enhancing your child’s emotional well-being and drive.

So, let’s not just dream of a better semester; let’s actively shape it!

Hit play, lean in, and absorb an episode that will redefine how you approach your child’s motivation. Remember, you’re not just managing your child’s education; you’re nurturing a motivated, confident, and successful young individual.

🌟 Here’s to an academic year filled with breakthroughs, understanding, and remarkable achievements. Tune in now, and let’s make this semester one to remember! 🌟

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