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Keeping up with trending topics as a parent is hard work, but modern parenting is all about being in the know. There’s a lot of difficult conversations parents have to have with their children, which is how topics in this mindful parenting blog are chosen. Hopefully you’ll find useful advice in these articles that will help strengthen your parent-child bond.

Why Your Teen Needs a Summer Job

Why Your Teen Needs a Summer Job

I believe that this hot hiring market provides the perfect opportunity for teens to not only avoid the summertime slump (you know, that weird time where teens sleep all day and stay up all night on screens and you never see them for the fun family stuff!) but to really increase their self-esteem, confidence, and maturity too.

I want to share with you the reasons why it’s so important for your teen to get a job this summer and how to encourage them to get that job if they appear to be a little unwilling.

But the important thing is that you have to start NOW. If you wait for summer to get here, then all the good jobs will be taken and all that opportunity for personal growth will be gone with it.

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