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Play Therapy

We Help Kids Heal and Change Through Play

Play therapy allows the therapist to connect with a young child so that they feel comfortable talking about their feelings, learning new coping skills, or creating strategies to improve their behavior. Kids need to feel comfortable and heard in order to work on their emotional or behavioral challenges, and the Play Therapist is trained to use play to strategically help the child make necessary changes.

What Goes on in The Play Therapy Room?

At times, the child might explore the playroom freely, engaging in spontaneous play. At other times, the Play Therapist may involve the child in specific activities, such as drawing family scenes, using puppets to act out events in the family, creating a scene in a sand tray, telling stories, or playing specially designed therapeutic board games. Children and families also use the opportunity to talk about their feelings, their relationships, and difficulties in their lives.

What Types of Problems Does Play Therapy Address?

Play therapy has been proven to help young children with:

  • Processing trauma and loss
  • Reducing childhood anxiety
  • Reducing childhood depression
  • Improving problematic or out-of-control behavior
  • Building and improving social skills
  • Improving academic difficulties.

Play therapy can be particularly effective at strengthening family relationships.

While in-person therapy is our favorite way to bond with and help your child, our biggest concern is the safety of your child and our therapists – that’s why we also offer video therapy. Click the button below to learn more about our ONLINE PLAY THERAPY ROOM.

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