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Episode #57:

Beyond Lazy or Entitled: Understanding Your Child or Teen’s Natural Motivation Personality

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Are you puzzled by what truly motivates your child or teen? This episode is a game-changer in understanding and harnessing their unique motivational powers!

Discover the seven motivation personality types and identify which one resonates with your young person. This isn’t just about learning these types; it’s about transforming your approach to parenting. By recognizing your young person’s motivation personality, you can apply effective, tailored strategies to strengthen their ‘Motivation Muscle,’ setting the stage for a happy and successful fututre.

📌 In This Episode, You’ll Explore:

[5:42] My Personal Story: The story of how I created the seven motivation personality styles, shaped by my family and professional experiences.

[12:40] Key Motivation Concepts: A recap of the important terms and concepts from the previous two episodes that are also related to today’s episode.

[22:80] Type #1: The Lack of Confidence Kid

[28:05] Type #2: The Inconsistent Kid 

[32:15] Type #3: The ‘What’s In It For Me?’ Kid

[36:25] Type #4: The Easily Distracted Kid 

[40:20] Type #5: The Smart Kid 

[44:58] Type #6: The Rebellious Kid

[49:20] Type #7: The Motivated Kid 

🌟 Dive into this episode to unveil the secret of your child or teen’s motivation and start a journey towards a more motivated, confident, and successful future. 🌟

Click here to download and print the free eBook >>> The 7 Motivation Personality Styles: How To Work With Your Child’s Motivation Personality To Encourage self-Motivation

Don’t forget to take the Motivation Personality Quiz to better understand your child or teen’s natural personality style and learn how to work with it.