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Episode 41:

Coping with Anxiety: Strategies for Parents of Anxious Teens [Part 2]

Here is part 2 of my series on parenting young people with anxiety.

The previous episode and this episode gives you (in detail) my 4-step Anxiety Management Plan. I teach this plan to all the families that I work with in my private practice – so I know it works!

Here’s the plan:

Step 1: Identify the anxiety triggers

Step 2: Rate the anxiety

Step 3: Use coping skills as necessary

Step 4: Use cognitive reframe skills as necessary

Confused? Need more detail on how to use coping skills and cognitive reframe skills? Then tune in to the episode to learn exactly how to coach your young person through each step of the plan so that they learn that they are in control of their anxiety – not the other way around.


[1:31] Quick discussion on a new research study on kids, empathy…and art museums?

[9:00] Overview of Step 2 – rate the anxiety

[24:15] Overview of Step 3 – use coping skills as necessary

[31:14] Overview of Step 4 – use cognitive reframe skills as necessary

[38:40] TWO examples of how to coach a young person through all 4 steps of the anxiety management plan

For an explanation of why some young people struggle with anxiety and an overview of step 1, tune into Episode #40.

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