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Episode 40:

Coping with Anxiety: Strategies for Parents of Anxious Teens [Part 1]

Tired of feeling helpless when your young person experiences an anxious episode?

Whether parenting a young child or teenager, the strategies I talk about today will help you feel confident in supporting your young person through their anxiety.

It may not be possible to eliminate your young person’s anxiety for them, but you can help them learn how to manage and take charge of it, rather than letting anxiety control their life.

The topic of young people and anxiety is a BIG one – and I want to be as helpful as possible – so I’ve broken this topic into two different podcast episodes. Today’s episode will give you the background knowledge about young people and anxiety that you’ll need to be effective when working with your YP. You’ll leave this episode with an understanding of WHY some YP struggle with anxiety – what causes it and why it’s so hard to “fix” overnight.

I’ll also introduce you to my 4 step system for working with a YP who is in the process of an anxious episode. Not only do I teach this system to the parents who come to me for help at my Southern California practice, but I’ve used it over and over again with my daughter, when she struggled with anxiety.

Then, this episode will end with talking about the first step in the system which is all about identifying – and working with – the triggers that cause your YP’s anxiety.

You’ll definitely leave the episode feeling like you now have a game plan in helping your YP overcome their anxiety, instead of helplessly watching them struggle each time they go through an anxious episode.

[7:59] The reasons why some young people struggle with anxiety while others don’t

[9:38] The three factors that create anxiety

[13:59] The four types of anxiety: which one describes your young person’s anxiety the best?

[20:14] The symptoms of anxiety in young children 

[21:44] The symptoms of anxiety in tweens and teens

[24:32] The 4-step anxiety action plan

[25:58] Step 1: Identifying triggers (what are they anyway?)

[27:17] The three types of triggers that you need to be aware of

[29:12] Should your young person avoid their anxious triggers OR tackle them head on?

Then, in the next episode, I’ll dive into steps 2-4 of the anxiety system where I’ll teach you about about coping skills, reframing anxious thoughts into empowering thoughts, and everything else you’ll need to teach your YP to take control over their anxiety instead of allowing their anxiety to control them.

My primary objective while assisting young individuals with anxiety is to empower them with the knowledge that they hold the reins of control over their anxiety. This is contrary to the false belief that anxiety controls their lives. I think that you’ll see how the plan that I give to you in this episode – and further discuss in the next episode – will give your YP the blueprint they need to take control over their emotions. And BONUS – you’ll now know how to support and coach them into using the system when they experience anxiety.

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