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Episode 39:

Thursday Thoughts: Listener Questions and APA Social Media Guidelines For Adolescents

Get ready for some parenting inspiration and support on today’s Thursday Thoughts episode!

As you know, my goal for the podcast is to provide education, inspiration, and support for all you Modern Parents out there (and…YES!…you are a Modern Parent if you are raising wonderful young people in today’s modern world!). 

My Sunday episodes are primarily used to provide specific education on a parenting strategy or technique, but my Thursday Thoughts episodes are all about the inspiration and support aspect of the work that I do with you.

On today’s episode:

[0:00] Hello and a tidbit about my parenting

[4:25] I review the report just released by the American Psychological Association (APA) that outlines 7 important recommendations to help parents raise young people with a healthy relationship with social media 

[15:32] I answer a listener’s question about teens and online romantic relationships 

[21:42] I answer a listener’s question about how to create a smart summertime schedule when the parents work outside the home (I have a lot of experience with this, as I was a working parent while my kids were young)

[31:57] I let you in on my recent introspection on my own parenting. Because I’ve been talking about taking time to reflect on how I parented now that both my son and daughter are going through graduations, I received a listener question about what I would do over if I could. I open up and give you a specific instance with my son that I wish I had handled differently.

OK…I hope this episode gives you the inspiration, validation, and support you need to be the best parent possible for your young person AND so that you feel like you are (mostly) doing this parenting thing right 🙂

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