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Self-Motivation Success Academy

Make Your Child’s Potential For Great Things a Reality

Enrollment happens only twice per year – once in September and again in January.

The next enrollment starts again on August 15, 2024, but you can be the first to be notified by entering your name and email address below.

What Is The Self-Motivation Success Academy (SMSA)?

SMSA is a 4-week, interactive video-based training program that teaches science-based, effective strategies to parents who want to stop their child or teen’s downslide into poor grades and guide them into fulfilling their natural potential for academic, social, and life success.

Whether your young person is failing all their classes or they’re doing OK but you KNOW they could be doing better, SMSA will give you the tools needed to help your child get better grades, pursue interesting passions and hobbies, and become proud of themselves in the process!

How Do You Guide The Unmotivated Child or Teen to Become Self-Motivated?

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