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Episode 42:

How Establishing Family Routines and Rituals Can Help Modern Parents Overcome Overwhelm, Stress, and Disconnection

Parents confide in me all the time that they’re tired, overwhelmed by all of the tasks screaming to get done on their to-do list — and that they feel like they don’t get enough time to be with their family.

But what if I told you that there is ONE SIMPLE parenting strategy that could not only help you feel more peaceful and give you more time with your family, but it also makes your child or teen a better person too?

You might be surprised to learn that all you have to do is to make sure you’re using family routines and rituals.

What are family routines and rituals? How EASY are they to create? And why are there so many benefits to using them?

Listen to this episode to find out. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll learn:

[1:30] How my family routines and rituals (particularly two recent ones) have helped me stay close and connected with my family

[4:38] What exactly a family routine is – and you’ll get examples too!

[9:38] How family rituals differ from routines — but they’re just as important!

Do I still need to convince you that you need family routines and rituals NOW? Ok. Let’s explore what science says about them…

[13:50] Research says that routines and rituals bring us closer as a family – they are associated with marital satisfaction, adolescents’ sense of personal identity, and stronger family relationships

[15:10] More research studies show that consistent routines and rituals help young people manage their day-to-day stress 

[19:15] Got a child or teen with sleep issues? Research also says that young people with routines and rituals get more – and better quality – sleep

[21:00] Got a child or teen with ADHD symptoms? Routines and rituals can help with that too!

[24:10] Routines and rituals have also been shown to help young people navigate intense stressors (i.e. parental divorce, family or pet death, moving to a new city, etc.) a lot easier

[27:10] Finally, my own observation: family routines and rituals are one of the best ways to teach — and model — important life lessons

Now that you know you need some good family routines and rituals, how do you start them?

[29:00] My 5 steps to creating GREAT family routines and rituals that bring peace, connection, and organization to the family

Finally, I know you LOVE examples, so…

[32:40} Example #1: creating a new family routine using all 5 steps

[36:10] Example #2: Creating a “loose” and casual family routine

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