Episode 33:

Myths About Kids and Motivation to Stop Believing in 2023

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Because self-motivation is such an important and HUGE topic, I’m also continuing the theme on today’s episode.

Last week, I told you about the 3 science-backed ingredients that need to be present in your day-to-day parenting in order to influence your child or teen’s self-motivation to grow.

I know these ingredients work, too, because not only have I seen success with these ingredients when I used them with my own 2 kids, but I’ve also seen countless numbers of the parents I coach use these ingredients successfully.

So just to review, the three ingredients are autonomy, mastery, and connection, and if you’re new to these ingredients – or you need a reminder – I created a helpful free guide called the Self-Motivation Cheat Sheet that breaks down what these ingredients are and how to use them with your own parenting.

And remember – these elements have a LOT of scientific backing behind them – so they definitely work.

If you’ve already listened to Episode #32, I now want to address all of those common objections that I hear from parents about why autonomy, mastery, and connection just won’t work for their child or teen.

I KNOW this works – so I want to address the top 5 myths that keep a lot of parents from taking this important step in helping their young person to totally turn around their self-motivation in a good way.

I believe that once you see how these myths aren’t true, you’ll feel more empowered to use the 3 ingredients to begin creating a home environment where your child or teen has no excuse but to succeed.


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