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Episode 32:

Why Is This Generation of Young People SO Unmotivated? Because They’re Missing These Three Important Daily Elements

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Today’s episode is going to answer the question you’ve always wondered: why can’t young people just buckle down and get their work done?

Believe it or not, self-motivation is like a physical muscle – it can be strengthened with practice. This means that parents can develop strategies to use with their young people to help them grow well-developed self-motivation muscles!

In this episode, you’ll learn TWO important concepts:

  • #1: Why your current parenting style might be DESTROYING your child or teen’s self-motivation, and
  • #2: What 3 elements MUST BE PRESENT in order to build your young person’s “Motivation Muscle”.

After listening to this entire episode, you’ll come away feeling like you now have a plan of action that will guide your child or teen to a successful semester at school.

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