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Thursday Thoughts: Real-World Examples of Overcoming Overwhelm

Thursday Thoughts episodes are designed to inspire you to think differently about your parenting journey…to inspire you to keep going or to try new things…and to provide YOU with the support you need to enjoy your parenting journey!

Today’s episode is based on a listener question.

This parent listened to Episode 28 about parental overwhelm and wanted some more real-world examples of using the strategies. And…I keep getting emails from parents wanting to know more about me and my parenting journey, so this episode combines these two requests.

In this episode:

  • I give you a little bit more about my background as a parent
  • I share how I finally came to the conclusion that I didn’t deserve to live an overwhelmed life
  • I explain what tasks I outsource…and what things I don’t
  • I detail how I used the constraints in my life to make me a better parent
  • I describe several seasons of my life and how I git through them into better times
  • I share my love of priorities and boundaries – and how these elements allowed me to tackle my parenting overwhelm once and for all!

My hope is for you to gain encouragement and inspiration from hearing a few examples from my life to tackle those areas of your life that contribute to overwhelm.


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