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Tired of Being Tired? How To Create a Joyful Family/Life Balance

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Here’s the truth: you don’t have to be overwhelmed with life!

In the past, I’d let overwhelm rob me of enjoying time with my kids because, instead, I would spend my time attending to my overwhelm instead of being in the moment with my kids. It also caused me to feel “stuck” in my life: with my business, my career, and with so many important relationships. This is because I had so many (and often competing!) thoughts about something that I felt paralyzed to make a decision or to move forward in an area of my life.

In this episode:

  • I’m going to first teach you why tackling your personal overwhelm demon benefits both you and your child
  • Then I’m going to open your eyes to the four important areas that you should be focusing on so that overwhelm doesn’t come calling
  • Then, finally, I’m going to give you 5 great strategies to use to keep overwhelm from taking over your life once and for all.

Ok. Are you ready to end your uncomfortable feeling of overwhelm? Then let’s get started.


SHOW NOTES: Episode #28

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