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3 Ways Tech is Ruining Your Child’s Life [And How To Prevent This From Happening]

Technology has both pros and cons. Be intentional about HOW you allow technology to be used in your home – otherwise, The Tech Monster will negatively impact your child’s best qualities: their motivation, energy, self-esteem, and interesting personalities.

What is The Tech Monster?

It’s that invisible enemy whose overarching goal is to steal your child or teen’s most valuable internal assets: their motivation, energy, self-esteem, and interesting personalities.

And it does all of this by sucking your child in through its irresistible tech influences.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn all about the three areas where tech is doing the most damage – and you’ve probably haven’t thought about these areas before!

The topic in today’s episode draws from my many years of experience when working with young people in my office, as well as my personal experience with my own two kids.

This episode is a must-listen!

What should you do after listening to this episode?

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    Download the FREE resource that goes along with this podcast episode:
    The Tech Contracts Bundle: Parent-Child Contracts for the Smartphone, Gaming, and Social Media
    Download the FREE resource that goes along with this podcast episode:
    The Ultimate Guide to Making Better Parenting Decisions: Identifying – and Using – Your PVBs


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