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5 Mindset Shifts That Will Guarantee a Successful School Year For Your Child

Motivating young people is a tricky – but achievable – task. This first episode on motivation gives you the strategies needed to create the right environment for motivation to stop by and stay a while!

 ** This is the first of three episodes focusing on young people and motivation! **

The topic of young people and motivation is a big one, which is why this is the first out of 3 episodes devoted to the strategies needed to improve your child’s “motivation muscle”.

As adults, if we want to get motivated to do something like exercise more, eat less sugar, or write that novel that we always talk about, we do the internal work needed to start the motivation process. HOWEVER…the problem with motivating young people is that, as parents, we have no control over this internal process! Most of the time, our kids don’t even WANT to be motivated!

So what can we do? Especially when we KNOW our kids have such POTENTIAL for great things…but they just don’t seem to care?

I’ve been teaching parents how to improve their young person’s “motivation muscle” for years now, and in my experience, this is a 3-step process:

STEP 1: Create the right mindset for motivation to begin

STEP 2: Create the right structure for motivation to continue to come back

STEP 3: Create the right context to supercharge motivation when it hits!

This episode dives into the motivation mindset. You’ll learn about these 5 important mindset shifts:

  • ¬†Positive vs. negative mindset
  • Delayed gratification vs. Immediate gratification mindset
  • Abundance vs. scarcity mindset
  • Smart Risks vs. “play it safe” mindset
  • Effort vs. manifesting mindset

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Download the FREE resource that goes along with this podcast episode:
50 Examples of turning Common Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones


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