Where Have I Been? A Quick Update…

For my first episode back from taking time off to deal with my health, I thought I would give you some quick updates so that the future episodes don’t seem like they’re coming out of nowhere. I’ll give you updates on what it’s like to beat cancer, how I continued to grow my Southern California group practice, and how my modern family continues to make me proud.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • [01:17] My cancer story.
  • [2:48] Growing my offline business – my Southern California psychology practice for kids ages 3-23. You might not know this, but my business has an online component (this podcast, free parenting resources, online parenting courses, etc.)  AND an offline side where my team of mental health therapists and I provide therapy for kids ages 3-23 in my Southern California practice. Focusing on helping kids struggling with the pandemic helped me focus on something other than cancer.
  • [04:40] An update on my Modern Family! My kids are 24 and 21 now – so much has happened over the past year. My whole family – the two kids, their dad, and their dad’s husband – all came together to support me during this stressful year.
  • [07:15] My goals for supporting Modern Parents throughout 2022 – you’re going to get some great support from me that will help you address the damage done by the pandemic. My office is full of young kids, tweens, and teens who just aren’t the same since the isolation of the pandemic, and I’m going to share all of the strategies that we see are working.



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