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You CAN have a great relationship with your child!

On this episode, I’m going to tackle a Modern Parenting 101 topic: building a warm and positive parent-child relationship.

The topics that I believe are that are critical in getting right are topics that I’m calling Modern Parenting 101.

So far on this podcast, I’ve covered 3 out of 5 Modern Parenting 101 topics. Number 1 was parenting with confidence, number 2 was effective discipline techniques, and number 3 was all about kids and technology.

Today’s topic is the 4th Modern Parenting 101 topic, and it’s on the parent-child relationship – and when this relationship works well, most everything else falls into place, so putting effort into building – or repairing – your relationship with your child is critical.

I talked about TWO great free resources that can help you get your relationship with your child or teen back on track. Down  load them here:

How To Have Difficult Conversations With Your Tween or Teen

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10 Tips To Communicate, Even When You Disagree

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Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • [05:35] Attitude is everything! Learn what kind of parental attitude sets up a warm and close parent-child bond.
  • [8:12] Find out how your non-verbal communications are hurting your relationship with your child, and how you can use non-verbal communication to improve your relationship.  
  • [13:10] Do you feel like you just CAN’T communicate with your child or teen? Learn the 3 steps to effective communication that will allow you to have great conversations with your child.
  • [14:00] Step 1: Listening – you’re doing it wrong! Find out how to listen the right way.
  • [16:30] Step 2: Validating – you don’t always have to agree with your child. Find out how to connect with your child even when you disagree with their thinking or behavior.
  • [19:10] Step 3: Coaching – don’t TELL your child or teen what to do, help them figure it out for themselves! This builds a trusting relationship with your child.
  • [24:25] I go over 4 of the biggest mistakes that I see parents making that is negatively affecting their relationship with their child. I want you to know these top 4 mistakes so you don’t make them with your child too!



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