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Delaware Online Co-Parenting Class to Satisfy Court and Custody Requirements

Delaware Parenting Class

Delaware Online Co-Parenting Class

(Sometimes Called Delaware Parent Education and Stabilization Class)

Gain your Certificate to Complete Court Mandated or Custody Requirements

Whether you are looking for a parenting class to satisfy a Family Court order, or because it was recommended by your attorney, the Delaware Co-Parenting Online Class is court approved by ALL Delaware County Courts.

When Completing the Delaware Co-Parenting Online Class, you will gain immediate access to your Completion Certificate. Each Completion Certificate contains a unique identifier and is accepted by all Delaware cities and counties to satisfy Family Court, CPS, DCFS, and all other custody requirements.

The Modern Co-Parenting Class – You’ll Find Everything You Need Online

The only online court-mandated co-parenting class that addresses the challenges of today’s parent!

  • 100% court approved, or your money back
  • Work through the video lessons at your own pace
  • Receive a completion certificate immediately after completing the video lessons
  • No tricky quizzes – this course provides easy-to-watch video lessons + optional worksheets
  • Learn relevant tips and strategies from a child psychologist who is also a divorced mom.

We Offer 4 Co-Parent Class Options:


Hi! I’m Dr. Becca Ballinger

Child Psychologist & Modern Parenting Expert

Why Should You Choose My Delaware Co-Parenting Class?

You know you need to complete a court-mandated parenting class (sometimes called a Parent Education and Stabilization Class), but which one is the best one for you?

As a child psychologist and Modern Parenting Expert who has worked with countless co-parents over the years at my Southern California private practice, Modern Parenting Solutions, I know the top questions that worry today’s parents:

  • How do I handle a difficult ex whose only goal is to make my life miserable?
  • What exactly is child support and how does it work?
  • How do I instill values and discipline in my child if their other parent doesn’t care about household rules?
  • How do I handle the intense ups and downs of emotions involved with co-parenting? I’m tired of this emotional roller coaster!
  • How do I move on from my breakup and feel good about me as an individual?

As a co-parent myself (I’ve been successfully co-parenting with my ex for the past 14 years), I know that there is so much complexity involved with co-parenting – and my goal for you is to make your co-parenting journey so much easier by addressing the topics that matter to you most in my co-parenting class!

Topics That Dr. Ballinger Covers in the Delaware Co-Parent Class (Delaware Parent Education and Stabilization Class):

Child Support 101

Does the concept of child support have you confused? We go over all the ins and outs of child support – what it usually covers, what it doesn’t, AND we provide a worksheet to organize your expenses related to your child.

Repairing or Improving Relationships With Child

A challenging relationship with your child (whether they are toddler or teens) can ALWAYS be improved. We give you step-by-step strategies to build the relationship with your child that your’ve always wanted.

Manage Intense & Uncomfortable Emotions

Don’t let your life be ruled by the intense ups and downs of co-parenting! Learn strategies to create boundaries with your co-parent so that their actions don’t ruin your day.

Parenting With a Difficult Co-Parent

Got a challenging co-parent? Learn the skills necessary to parent with someone who seems intent on ruining your life at every opportunity.

Kids & Discipline

Learn how to bring order and peace into your home using our discipline plan strategies. We will teach you how to create a parenting plan that allows you to raise your child using your unique passions, values, and beliefs.

Improving Communication With Child & Co-Parent

The #1 reason that most relationships struggle is ineffective communication. Learn how to communicate effectively with young kids, teens, and with co-parents. In addition, you’ll also gain confidence in having difficult conversations when the situation calls for it.

Legal Terms You Should Know

Don’t be confused by common legal terms involved in custody and co-parenting. Gain a competent understanding of many of the terms used in divorce, custody, and co-parenting.

Introducing New Romantic Partners & Helping Step-Parents Succeed

We want your new romantic partner and your child to build a positive and relationship! Follow our strategies to set up this new relationship for success.

Gain an immediate downloadable Completion Certificate that is accepted by all Delaware Courts.

See the list of counties and popular cities that accepts this online certificate.

Most Delaware counties accept online parenting courses to satisfy court and custody requirements. Below is a list of Delaware Counties where we have had our online course accepted in the past.


Kern County Parenting Class New Castle County Parenting Class Sussex County Parenting Class

Most Delaware cities accept online parenting courses to satisfy court and custody requirements. Below is a list of Delaware cities where we have had our online course accepted in the past.


Wilmington Parenting Class Dover Parenting Class Newark Parenting Class
Middletown Parenting Class Bear Parenting Class Glasgow Parenting Class
Brookside Parenting Class Hockessin Parenting Class Smyrna Parenting Class
Milford Parenting Class Pike Creek Valley Parenting Class Claymont Parenting Class
Wilmington Manor Parenting Class Seaford Parenting Class Pike Creek Parenting Class
North Star Parenting Class Georgetown Parenting Class Edgemoor Parenting Class
Elsmere Parenting Class New Castle Parenting Class Millsboro Parenting Class
Laurel Parenting Class Rising Sun-Lebanon Parenting Class Harrington Parenting Class
Dover Base Housing Parenting Class Camben Parenting Class Highland Acres Parenting Class
Clayton Parenting Class Lewes Parenting Class Bridgeville Parenting Class
Milton Parenting Class Kent Acres Parenting Class Lomg Neck Parenting Class
Greenville Parenting Class Selbyville Parenting Class Townsend Parenting Class
Woodside Eats Parenting Class Riverview Parenting Class Ocen View Parenting Class
Delmar Parenting Class Delaware City Parenting Class Millville Parenting Class
Cheswold Parenting Class Rehoboth Beach Parenting Class Wyoming Parenting Class
Blades Parenting Class Felton Parenting Class Rodney Village Parenting Class
Greenwood Parenting Class Newport Parenting Class Bellefonte Parenting Class
Dagsboro Parenting Class Frederica Parenting Class Frankford Parenting Class
Bethany Beach Parenting Class St. Georges Parenting Class Ellendale Parenting Class
Odessa Parenting Class Fenwick Island Parenting Class Houstan Parenting Class
South Bethany Parenting Class Arden Parenting Class Magnolia Parenting Class
Dewey Beach Parenting Class Bowers Parenting Class Ardentown Parenting Class
Bethel Parenting Class Slaughter Beach Parenting Class Kenton Parenting Class
Little Creek Parenting Class Ardencroft Parenting Class Henlopen Acres Parenting Class
Leipsic Parenting Class Woodside Parenting Class Viola Parenting Class
Farmington Parenting Class Hartly Parenting Class

We Offer 4 Co-Parent Class Options:


Immediate Completion Certificate

After completing the online video courses, you are able to download the Completion Certificate. Each Completion Certificate contains a unique identifier that communicates your authenticity.

Complete The Class on Your Schedule

You will recieve access to the lirbary of videos to watch on YOUR time. You do not have a deadline to comeplete the video classes, and you will receive the Completion Certificate once you have viewed the complete library of video classes.

No Hidden Fees

You pay only one time for the course of your choice (the 4, 6, or 8 hour course) and you receive the Completion Certificate at no extra charge. It’s pretty simple!