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4 Hour Co-Parenting Class:

Foundational Parenting Skills


“This course helped me realize there is so much more to co-parenting than I thought!”

~ Modern Co-Parenting Course Graduate, 2021


What Is The Learning Goal of The Foundational Skills Course?

By the end of this 4-hour course, you’ll have the basic strategies needed to gain confidence and effectiveness in the areas of:

  • Co-parenting 101
  • The realities of being a co-parent
  • Kids and emotions
  • Kids and Discipline
  • Effective communication strategies
  • Co-Parenting finances
  • When co-parents disagree
  • Legal stuff you should know.


View The Course Curriculum Below:

See The Lessons Included In This Course Below (click on the + sign to see the lessons in each module)

Welcome To The Course
  • Important Note
  • What You Need To Know About This Course
Module 1: Co-Parenting 101
  • Overview of Module 1 (5:11)
  • Common Stages of Co-Parenting (15:54)
  • Creating Your Co-Parenting Goals (12:39)
Module 2: The Realities of Being a Co-Parent
  • Overview of Module 2 (3:23)
  • Developing a New Identity (9:41)
  • Ineffective Co-Parenting Traps That Keep You Stuck (6:48)
Module 3: Kids and Emotions
  • Overview of Module 3 (3:11)
  • Kids & Common Emotions During Co-Parenting (16:29)
  • Co-Parenting at Each Developmental Stage (11:54)
Module 4: Kids and Discipline
  • Overview of Module 4 (3:35)
  • Discipline 101 (29:30)
  • The 6 Discipline Mistakes That Your Shouldn’t Make (7:48)
Module 5: Effective Communication Strategies
  • Module 5 Overview (3:18)
  • Effective Communication With Your Co-Parent (19:29)
  • How to Gain Confidence in having Difficult Conversations (12:31)
  • How To Tell Your Child About a Separation (7:11)
Module 6: Co-Parenting Finances
  • Module 6 Overview (2:17)
  • Child Support 101 (13:30)
  • When There is a Financial Imbalance Between Co-Parents (8:34)
Module 7: When You & Your Co-Parent Are Not on The Same Page
  • Module 7 Overview (3:16)
  • Parenting With a Difficult Co-Parent (16:30)
  • Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) (12:20)
Module 8: Legal Stuff You Should Know
  • Module 8 Overview (0:57)
  • Legal Terms You Should Know
  • When The Co-Parent Doesn’t Show Up or Return The Child (5:58)
  • Suspected Abuse (6:00)

Hi! I’m Dr. Becca Ballinger

Child Psychologist & Modern Parenting Expert

Why Should You Choose My Co-Parenting Class?

You know you need to complete a court-mandated parenting class (sometimes called a Parent Education and Stabilization Class), but which one is the best one for you?

As a child psychologist and Modern Parenting Expert who has worked with countless co-parents over the years at my Southern California private practice, Modern Parenting Solutions, I know the top questions that worry today’s parents:

  • How do I handle a difficult ex whose only goal is to make my life miserable?
  • What exactly is child support and how does it work?
  • How do I instill values and discipline in my child if their other parent doesn’t care about household rules?
  • How do I handle the intense ups and downs of emotions involved with co-parenting? I’m tired of this emotional roller coaster!
  • How do I move on from my breakup and feel good about me as an individual?

As a co-parent myself (I’ve been successfully co-parenting with my ex for the past 14 years), I know that there is so much complexity involved with co-parenting – and my goal for you is to make your co-parenting journey so much easier by addressing the topics that matter to you most in my co-parenting class!

Topics Covered in This Course:

Child Support 101

Does the concept of child support have you confused? We go over all the ins and outs of child support – what it usually covers, what it doesn’t, AND we provide a worksheet to organize your expenses related to your child.

Kids & Discipline

Learn how to bring order and peace into your home using our discipline plan strategies. We will teach you how to create a parenting plan that allows you to raise your child using your unique passions, values, and beliefs.

Legal Terms You Should Know

Don’t be confused by common legal terms involved in custody and co-parenting. Gain a competent understanding of many of the terms used in divorce, custody, and co-parenting.

More topics are covered in the 6 Hour Class, the 8 Hour Class, and the 10 Hour class.

Will This Online Co-Parenting Class Course Satisfy My Court or Custody Requirement?

This is an important consideration, and we want you to feel confident knowing that our Co-Parenting Class (sometimes called a Parent Education and Stabilization Class) WILL satisfy your court requirementor your money back.

We have had our Completion Certificate accepted in Family Courts and CPS agencies in all 50 states – we’ve NEVER had a rejection! See our list of states below to see if we’ve had an acceptance in your County.

If our program does not satisfy a court or legal requirement, we will refund your money in full when presented with written proof of its decline by the state or county official in charge.

**You will receive a completion certificate at the end of the course with a unique serial accepted by Family Courts and attorneys**