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The Modern Parent’s Thoughtful & Impactful 2023 Gift Guide for Teens

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Teens

This Isn’t Your Normal Christmas List for Teens… It’s Better

Say goodbye to generic gifts and holiday misses. This gift guide is designed to be different—infinitely better, actually.

Curated with the principles of Modern Parenting in mind, each gift that I’ve chosen promotes independence, mastery, or connection – the three main ingredients to raising happy, healthy, motivated, interesting, and moral young people.

That means when you choose a gift from my list, you’re not just satisfying a momentary whim; you’re investing in your teen’s future. These are gifts that won’t just be ‘cool’ for a season; they’ll serve as building blocks for a lifetime of happiness, health, and purpose.

Browse through my list and start empowering your teen’s journey towards independence, mastery, and meaningful connections, one thoughtful gift at a time.

Scroll down to view my entire Christmas gift guide, or click below to jump to specific sections:

  • Independence: Gifts in this section are designed to foster self-reliance and decision-making skills, empowering your teen to take on life’s challenges independently.
  • Mastery: The items listed here target skill-building and self-improvement, encouraging your teen to develop a sense of mastery and accomplishment in various pursuits.
  • Connection: These gifts are aimed at nurturing meaningful relationships and emotional intelligence, essential components for your teen’s social well-being and sense of community.
  • Just For Fun: While the other categories are about growth and development, gifts in this section are all about joy, laughter, and enjoying the lighter side of life—because fun is an important part of any balanced upbringing.

Gifts That Promote Independence

Empower your teen to embrace the joys of independence with these carefully selected gifts. Designed to inspire self-reliance, each item on this list encourages your teen to tackle goals and tasks head-on, all while having fun. From organizing their own space to taking up a new hobby, these gifts offer opportunities for self-discovery and accomplishment. The result? A boost in confidence and the rewarding feeling that comes from handling things on their own. Bonus: these gifts aren’t just practical—they’re a blast too!

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Apple Airtag:

Keychain For Apple Airtag:

01. Tag It, Track It: Apple AirTag – The Teen’s Ultimate Finder! [Airtag – $27.88; Keychain – $11.98]

Empower your teen’s independence with the magic of Apple AirTag. Whether it’s attached to their bustling backpack, valuable varsity jacket, or those ever-missing car keys, this little tracker is the guardian of their gear. Simple setup means they’re just a tap away from peace of mind, and the Find My network turns the whole world into a search party. Say goodbye to the daily search-and-rescue missions for lost items!

Slide this nifty navigator into your cart and bestow upon your teen the power to find what’s theirs, wherever it roams – because teens should be busy chasing dreams, not their belongings!

02. Snooze Breaker: The Solution for Teens Struggling to Wake Up  [$33.99 After Coupon]

This is an ideal gift for heavy sleepers who need that extra nudge in the morning—it’s not just about waking up, it’s about doing so independently and feeling great about it! This is more than just an alarm clock—it’s a tool for fostering independence and responsibility.

Featuring a unique sunrise simulation, this clock preps teens for a natural and gentle awakening, especially for those who find mornings tough. For nighttime, its calming sound options—including 11 white noises or Bluetooth-enabled personal music choices—ensure a serene drift to sleep, eliminating the need for phones at bedtime. Upgrade your teen’s morning and nighttime routine in one smart move. Click the button above to put this clock in your shopping cart to upgrade their morning and nighttime routine in one smart move.

03. Cultivating Responsibility and Commitment – One Plant at a Time [$29.99]

This is the gift that doesn’t just brighten up a room; it serves as a lasting testament to your teen’s ability to independently care for and sustain life, one tiny plant at a time. Unplug your teen from the digital world and reconnect them with the earth using the Home Grown Succulent & Cactus Seed Kit for Planting. This kit is not just a one-off gift but a meaningful journey into responsibility and accomplishment.

It’s a ‘hard-to-kill’ starter kit, perfect for both beginners and green thumbs, designed to thrive indoors or outdoors. Go ahead, add this empowering and delightful kit to your cart and watch your teen bloom alongside their new leafy companions.

04. Help Your Teen Cook Up A Healthy Recipe Of Creativity & Self-Reliance [$19.39]

Cooking is a transformative act that fosters independence, teaching teens that they have the capability to take care of themselves – both now and in the future. This cookbook is not just a gift; it’s an investment in their lifelong autonomy and well-being. 

From the basic joy of egg and cheese sandwiches to the thrilling complexity of dishes like Biang Biang Mian and Steak Tacos, this guide covers the culinary spectrum for novice to budding chef. But there’s a delightful twist: sprinkled amidst these recipes are fun tidbits and scientific snippets, ensuring your teen doesn’t just cook, but truly understands and revels in the magic of the kitchen.

Fancy a dash of self-reliance with a side of laughter? Add this to your cart and serve your teen a recipe for life!

05. Back to Basics: Organized Backpack, Organized Future! [$59.22]

The Herschel Classic XL isn’t just a backpack; it’s your teen’s ticket to a sorted life and a bridge to their dreams. Specialized compartments mean everything from tech gadgets to water bottles has its place, letting your teen juggle school, hobbies, and maybe that part-time job with style.

Mastering the art of organization now sets the stage for future success, empowering them to navigate their teen years with confidence. So why wait? Toss the Herschel Classic XL into your cart (but remember to choose the right color first!) and let your teen confidently strut into their future, one well-organized step at a time. Because, let’s face it – life’s a journey, and every adventurer needs a trusty backpack


Ignite your teen’s hidden talents with gifts that go beyond the ordinary. These picks aren’t just fun—they’re a training ground for life. Whether your teen already has a passion or is still searching for that one special hobby, these gifts help them dive deeper and get better at what they love. The best part? Mastering a new skill isn’t just about the skill itself. It’s a confidence booster that teaches them they can accomplish amazing things when they put in the effort.

So go ahead, choose gifts that will help your teen realize just how unique, capable, AND WONDERFUL they truly are. The skills they hone now will make them confident, resourceful young adults—and who doesn’t want that for their teen?

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01. Elevate Your Teen’s Screen Time: From Gaming to Game Building! [$49.95 After Coupon]

Unleash your teen’s inner coder with the FREENOVE Ultimate Starter Kit for Raspberry Pi. Perfect for young people who love gaming or gadgets, this kit makes diving into coding and electronics a breeze. It comes with a step-by-step guide and all the parts needed for 104 fun projects. Trust me, it may look like a challenge, but your teen will find it as easy as beating their favorite video game!

Slide this into your cart and watch your teen swap ‘leveling up’ in games for leveling up in real-world tech skills – score!

02. Help Your Teen Stitch Their Way to Mastery – Crafting Calm & Creativity, One Loop at a Time! [$18.99]

Gift your teen the opportunity for mastery and emotional well-being with this comprehensive Crochet Starter Kit. Ideal for young minds craving a creative and hands-on hobby, this set helps in building not just craftsmanship but also life skills such as persistence, attention to detail, and ‘stick-to-it-iveness.’ If your teen is restless or anxious, the calming, step-by-step process of crocheting can really help them relax.

The kit has everything they need to start—lots of hooks, colorful yarn, and even a cute bag to keep it all in. The hooks are super comfy to hold, making it easy for your teen to get lost in their new hobby. Add this Crochet Starter Kit to your cart for a gift that’s fun, skill-building, and calming all rolled into one.

03. Beyond Stars: Bringing Dreams Within Reach and Mastery! [$94.99 After Coupon]

This telescope isn’t just a gift; it’s an invitation for your teen to explore the wonders of the universe and cultivate a lifelong passion for learning. With its phone adapter, adjustable aluminum tripod, and wireless remote control, capturing breathtaking celestial images has never been so convenient. The carrying bag ensures it’s easy to bring along on family outings or solo adventures, and its user-friendly features make it an ideal choice for both budding astronomers and curious kids.

By gifting this telescope, you’re not only sparking an interest in astronomy and science but also encouraging important life skills like curiosity, focus, and analytical thinking. Put this in your cart to give your teen a gateway to the stars and the opportunity to master new, valuable skills.

04. Master the Art of 3D – Pen Your Way to a New Dimension of Creativity! [$79.99]

Ignite your teen’s creativity and problem-solving skills with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. This isn’t just a pen—it’s a gateway to a world of innovation and imagination. It’s like a magic wand that turns ideas into real things! Your teen can draw in the air, making cool shapes, designs, or even useful items. The pen is super easy to use: just plug it in, load the colorful plastic, and start doodling.

The 3Doodler is more than just a tool; it’s a journey into self-discovery. As your teen experiments and creates, they’ll not only gain artistic confidence but also dive deeper into their own unique style and interests. This kind of introspection is invaluable, teaching them that with a bit of ingenuity and effort, they can make something truly extraordinary.

Put this 3D printing pen in your shopping cart now, and give the gift of limitless creativity that builds both skill and self-esteem.

05. 🎤 Unleash Your Teen’s Broadcast Dreams with Studio-Quality Sound! 🎤 [$55.95]

Encourage your teen to take their creative interests to the next level with this comprehensive Microphone Bundle. Ideal for budding writers, singers, songwriters, or broadcasters, this kit provides the essentials for high-quality recording. It comes equipped with a live sound card, adjustable mic stand, and a metal shock mount, ensuring a professional recording experience right at home. Whether they’re looking to record songs, eBooks, or even start their own podcast, this kit provides the perfect starting point.

Imagine your teen gaining the confidence and skills they need to create their own content, while learning the technical aspects of recording and editing. This is not just a gift; it’s an investment in their future and a stepping stone to mastery in their chosen field.

Ready to see your teen’s creativity flourish? Place this Asmuse Condenser Microphone Bundle in your cart today and ignite your young person’s passion for making something uniquely their own.


This holiday season, give your teen more than just a gift—give them the joy of connection. These specially chosen items aren’t just cool; they’re bridges to better relationships with you, their friends, and even the broader world.

Imagine your teen laughing with buddies over a new game or sharing deep conversations with you, thanks to a gift that sparked their interest. These aren’t just presents; they’re stepping stones to stronger bonds and broader horizons.

So go ahead, pick a gift that will make your teen’s world a bit bigger and their connections a bit stronger. Because a more connected teen is a happier teen, and what parent doesn’t want that?

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01. Forge Stronger Bonds and Elevate Family Game Nights with Catan

This strategy-based game is not only intensely fun, but it also encourages communication, collaboration, and healthy competition. Perfect for ages 10 and up, the game allows 3 to 4 players to trade, build, and settle in a quest to dominate the island of Catan. With its resource combinations of grain, wool, ore, brick, and lumber, the game offers endless tactical decisions and strategies to discuss. Plus, the game is quick to learn but offers endless replay value, keeping the family engaged for years to come.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to make your family game nights more meaningful and interactive. Add Catan to your cart now and watch as it becomes a cherished tradition that helps your teen connect with family and friends alike.

02. Snap, Share, and Connect: The Gift of Instant Memories [$77.00]

The Fujifilm Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera is more than just a camera; it’s a tool for connection. With its compact design, built-in selfie mirror, and automatic flash control, your teen can easily capture high-quality photos to share with friends and family. It prints 2″x 3″ instant photos in just five seconds, making it perfect for capturing the joy in group gatherings, family events, or everyday fun with friends.

Don’t let these moments just live in a smartphone; make them tangible tokens of connection that can be displayed, gifted, or saved for years to come. Go ahead and add this Instax Mini 12 Instant Camera to your cart, and give your teen a creative way to connect with the world around them.

03. Savor the Moment: Connect Over a Slice! [Multiple Amounts]

Nothing says connection quite like sharing a meal, and a Domino’s Pizza gift card lets your teen do just that—whether it’s a family pizza night or hanging out with friends. This convenient gift card allows for a variety of options: from classic cheese and pepperoni to adventurous specialty pizzas, satisfying everyone’s cravings. Plus, it’s more than just a meal; it’s an opportunity for your teen to pause, engage in conversation, and build relationships. So go ahead and add this gift card to your cart. It’s not just gifting a meal; it’s serving up quality time that your teen can share with the people who matter most.

04. Foster Teamwork and Social Bonds with Spikeball [$62.99]

Spikeball is more than just a game—it’s a social magnet that brings people together in a dynamic and exciting way. Perfect for both outdoor and indoor settings, this Spikeball set offers your teen the perfect platform for engaging with family and friends. It includes everything needed for a spirited game of Roundnet: 3 balls, a durable net, and a rulebook. And don’t worry about durability—this set is built to last.

By giving the gift of Spikeball, you’re not just offering fun and games; you’re opening the door to teamwork, strategic thinking, and a sense of community. The easy setup and portable nature make it a hit for family gatherings, beach trips, or spontaneous games with friends. So, if you’re looking for a gift that will bring your teen closer to the people in their life, look no further. Click “Add to Cart” now for countless hours of connection and fun!

05. Unleash Creativity and Connection [$43.99]

Nothing brings people together quite like shared moments of self-expression and beauty. This Gel Polish Manicure Kit offers more than just dazzling colors and long-lasting finish; it’s a gateway to quality time with friends and family. With everything you need to create salon-level manicures, your teen will love inviting friends over for a pampering session or spending quality mother-daughter time mastering the art of the perfect polish. The kit includes various gel polish colors, a UV lamp, and all essential tools to get started.

Don’t miss out on giving a gift that not only lets your teen express themselves but also strengthens their social bonds. Place this Gel Polish Manicure Kit in your shopping cart and watch how it transforms ordinary afternoons into extraordinary moments of connection and creativity.

05. Amplify Connection with the Power of Music [$27.99]

A truly powerful tool for social interaction, this speaker lets your teen share their favorite tunes with family and friends, turning any gathering into a memorable event. Featuring astonishing sound quality, deep bass, and 24-hour battery life, it’s the perfect companion for both indoor get-togethers and outdoor adventures. Plus, its waterproof design ensures that the party continues, come rain or shine.

This Bluetooth speaker not only offers effortless connectivity up to 66 ft but also elevates any musical experience with its real-time bass intensification. Its portable and durable design means your teen can easily take it to the park, a friend’s yard, or simply use it to create a cozy atmosphere at home. So go ahead, add this amazing Bluetooth speaker to your cart and give the gift of enriched social experiences through the universal language of music.

GIFTS That Are Just For Fun! 🙂

This holiday season, let’s embrace one of the most important aspects of life—simple, unadulterated fun. The gifts in this section are specially selected to bring pure joy and a hearty laugh to your teen’s life, no strings attached. While gifts that educate or inspire are wonderful, there’s also immense value in gifts that exist just for the sake of fun.

Imagine the pure delight on your teen’s face as they unwrap a gift that asks nothing of them but to enjoy it. From laugh-out-loud games to quirky gadgets, these presents are all about the happiness and relaxation that come from enjoying life’s lighter moments.

So go ahead, pick a gift that’s just plain fun. After all, everyone needs a break from the serious stuff, and sometimes the best way to show your love is to gift a slice of happiness. Because a teen who knows how to have fun is a teen who knows an essential truth about living a fulfilling life.

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01. Light Up Their Nights: A Toast to Healthy Sleep and Unbeatable Fun [$17.99]

Gift-giving doesn’t always have to be serious. With the QANYI Cute Night Light Toast Bread LED lamp, you’re not just providing a whimsical piece of décor; you’re also encouraging healthier sleep patterns for your teen. The lamp comes with high-quality LED energy-saving lamp beads and offers a warm 4000K color light that is not only soothing for the eyes but also conducive to sleep. Its skin-friendly silicone feet can be a stress-buster, and the additional feature of serving as a mobile phone stand means it’s multi-functional. Even better, it has a 1200mAh large-capacity battery that can last up to 50 hours in low brightness, making it perfect for long nights or even a college dorm room. Plus, it’s easily rechargeable!

So why not add a dose of lighthearted fun into your teen’s daily routine while also looking out for their well-being? Click ‘Add to Cart’ now, and let the Toast lamp serve as a unique and practical gift this season.

02. Shine Bright: Personalized Neon Signs for a Room as Unique as Your Teen [$53.99]

Illuminate your teen’s world in a way that truly captures their essence! With our Custom Neon Signs, you’re not just adding a stylish light fixture; you’re tailoring a one-of-a-kind experience that makes your teen feel recognized and celebrated. Choose from a wide range of fonts, colors, and even custom patterns to craft a neon sign that truly embodies your teen’s personality and interests. Not only do these LED neon signs look cool, but they’re also safe, eco-friendly, and designed to last. Installation is a breeze, and with dimmable options, your teen can set the mood however they like. Whether it’s for their bedroom, a home office, or even a home bar setup, this personalized neon sign adds a custom flair that’s as special as they are.

Don’t miss the chance to gift something that speaks directly to who your teen is. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now for a present that’s as unique and vibrant as the person receiving it!

03. Illuminate Their World: Photo Clip String Lights for a Personalized Space [$12.99]

Gift your teen a canvas for their life’s best moments! The Dopheuor Photo Clip String Lights transform a bedroom or gathering space into a living gallery that celebrates their interests, memories, and even artistic pursuits. The transparent clips hold photos or other small mementos, offering an enchanting and warm atmosphere for any setting. This isn’t just mood lighting; it’s a dynamic way to display what makes your teen unique. With battery-operated convenience, these string lights can decorate any space, from the bedroom to special events, without the hassle of electrical cords.

Seize the opportunity to let your teen’s personality shine through a decorative item that does double duty as a showcase for their life. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to gift a present that will truly light up their world!

04. Game On: Nintendo Joy-Con Controllers for Balanced Fun and Social Connection [$75.00]

Fuel your teen’s love for gaming while also teaching them about balance and sharing. With these colorful pastel Nintendo Joy-Con controllers, your teen can elevate their gaming experiences to new levels. The set comes with easy-to-use motion controls, HD rumble vibration features, and the flexibility for single or dual-hand gameplay. Plus, they can even share a controller with a friend for collaborative fun! The package includes one Pastel Purple Joy-Con (L), one Pastel Green Joy-Con (R), and two Black Joy-Con wrist straps.

Don’t just gift another game; gift an experience that fosters both individual enjoyment and social connection. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now to bring a splash of color and a whole lot of fun into your teen’s gaming world!

05. Timeless Marvels: The LEGO Infinity Gauntlet for Classic, Creative Fun [$63.99]

Unite your teen’s world of imagination with the iconic storytelling of Marvel through the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet set. Not just a building project but an ode to the Avengers saga, this collectible offers a golden opportunity for connection through creative play and appreciation for a shared cultural phenomenon. The set features a highly detailed Infinity Gauntlet with movable fingers and vibrant colors, making it an eye-catching display piece after the building fun is done. Designed as much for its aesthetic appeal as for its buildability, it’s perfect as a unique decoration for your teen’s room or even your family’s living space.

Don’t just settle for the ordinary; go for the extraordinary. Click ‘Add to Cart’ to bring home a piece that transcends generations, stimulates creativity, and kindles the Marvel fan in both you and your teen.