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Episode #65:

Is College Right For Your Young Person? New Information You Need To Know

You cannot afford to miss today’s episode.

I’m about to share insights that could dramatically shift your perspective on one of the biggest decisions facing your family: the journey to and through college for your teen.

In a world where the value of a traditional college education is being questioned more than ever before, understanding the right path for your teen has never been more critical. Whether you’re navigating the financial implications of student loans, considering the impact of chosen majors on future employment, or exploring alternatives to the conventional college route…

This episode delivers the guidance and tools you need to support your teen in making decisions that align with their strengths, passions, and the realities of today’s job market.

If you’re tired of the uncertainty and ready to take a proactive step towards planning your teen’s future, this is the episode for you.

And the time to listen is now.

Show Notes with Time Stamps:

  • [7:47] Unveiling the Study: Dive into the groundbreaking findings of the “Talent Disrupted” Report, which sheds light on the realities of underemployment among college graduates and the pivotal role of internships and major selection in shaping career paths.

  • [21:18] The Evolution of College Conversations: Explore how dialogues around college have transformed. I’ll dissect the shift from viewing college as the sole path to success to understanding it as one of many tools available to your teen as they carve out their future.

  • [29:14] Four Actionable Tips: Equip yourself with four powerful strategies to help your teen make the most of their college experience—or decide if an alternative path might better serve their ambitions. From reverse engineering their career path to embracing real-world experiences, these tips are designed to prepare your teen for success, regardless of the route they choose.

Take the Quiz: Is College The Right Path For Your Teen?

Before you go, I highly encourage you to take our online quiz, “Is College The Right Path For Your Teen?” It’s a thought-provoking tool designed to help you and your teen assess the best educational journey for them, based on their interests, strengths, and career aspirations. The insights you’ll gain are invaluable in navigating this pivotal decision together.

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