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Episode #58:

How To Encourage Your Child or Teen to be Independently Self-Motivated

Transform Your Young Person’s Motivation: The 4-Stage Journey to Self-Driven Success!

Are you watching your child or teen meander through life with minimal drive?

It’s time to turn the tide!

In this pivotal episode of The Modern Parenting Solutions Podcast, I unveil the final secret to unlocking your young person’s independent self-motivation. Discover the science-backed 4-stage journey that promises not just a fleeting change, but a transformative shift in your young person’s approach to life.

Say goodbye to external incentives and welcome a new era of intrinsic drive. After this episode, you’ll be equipped to guide your child or teen towards a future brimming with self-initiated success and fulfillment.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • [5:22] Transformative Story: Dive into a real-life coaching success story demonstrating the life-changing impact of the 4-part self-motivation success journey.
  • [9:10] Motivation Series Recap: A quick review of parts 1-2, laying the groundwork for today’s deep dive.
  • [13:45] Journey Overview: Grasp the essence of the self-motivation journey and its transformative potential.
  • [16:44] Stage 1: Learn the initial steps to kindle your child or teen’s motivation.
  • [24:35] Stage 2: Discover how to evolve from external drivers to personal accountability and pride.
  • [33:31] Stage 3: Unravel the shift towards aligning activities with personal values and passions.
  • [40:39] Stage 4: Witness the culmination of the journey where your young person’s motivation becomes a true reflection of their identity.

Remember, you are not just a spectator in your young person’s life – you’re a catalyst for their growth and success. By understanding and applying the insights from today’s episode, you can profoundly influence their journey towards self-motivation and achievement. Remember, every young person has a reservoir of untapped potential; it’s time to unlock it!

Click here to download and print the free eBook >>> The 7 Motivation Personality Styles: How To Work With Your Child’s Motivation Personality To Encourage self-Motivation

Don’t forget to take the Motivation Personality Quiz to better understand your child or teen’s natural personality style and learn how to work with it.