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Episode 50:

Use My Guide To Improve Your Child or Teen’s First Quarter Grades

📚 “Bad Grades Be Gone: Turn Your Child or Teen’s Academic Struggles Into Success—Before It’s Too Late!” 🌟

It’s only one quarter into the school year…are you feeling that pit in your stomach every time you think about your young person’s grades?

Trust me, you’re not alone. But here’s the good news: this episode is your lifeline.

In this must-listen episode, I’m diving deep into the strategies that will help you turn your young person’s academic struggles into a success story. And the best part? We’re doing it now, early in the school year, before things get out of hand.

📌 Here is What You’ll Learn:

  • [4:12] Setting the Stage with the Right Mindset: Before diving into strategies, let’s start with YOU – the parent. I’ll guide you on how to mentally prepare for this crucial journey, ensuring you’re set up for success from the get-go.
  • [12:45] Identifying the Issue: Is it just a minor bump or a major roadblock? I’ll give you 6 signs to look for so you know whether or not you should jump in and provde some guideance.
  • [21:30] The Essential Heart-to-Heart: Nervous about discussing grades with your young person? It’s a tough but crucial conversation. I’ve got your back with a 5-step plan that not only identifies the problem but also keeps the parent-child bond strong. Say goodbye to household tension and hello to constructive dialogue.
  • [30:05] The Game Plan: From tutors to teacher meetings, I’m laying out actionable steps to improve those grades.
  • [38:50] The Surprising External Factors: Think grades are the whole story? Think again. I’ll uncover some unexpected factors that could be affecting your young person’s academic performance. Let’s dig deeper to ensure that your child or teen turns those struggling grades around..

To get the full experience and make these strategies stick, don’t forget to download this week’s Homework Helper: “The Parent-Child Academic Check-In Checklist: Your Guide to Meaningful Conversations and Academic Success.” 📝



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