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Episode 49:

Parenting Q&A: Listener Questions on Family, Tweens, and Teens Answered

Ready to feel like you’re part of a supportive parenting community? This episode is like sitting down for coffee with me and other like-minded parents, all of us sharing our most pressing questions and finding real solutions together. Trust me, you’re not alone on this journey, and today’s episode proves it!

👉 Here’s a Sneak Peek of Today’s Episode:

  • [5:59] Question #1: One of our amazing listeners has seen some beautiful changes in their family life but is a bit anxious about keeping the good times rolling. How do we make happiness stick? I’ve got some soul-stirring insights for you.
  • [16:07] Question #2: Is your tween struggling with feeling like an outsider? This question comes from a concerned parent, and I’ve got some transformative advice that could be a game-changer.
  • [27:15] Question #3: Raising kids in today’s world can feel like navigating a minefield of negativity. We’re diving deep into this one, folks.
  • [36:03] Question #4: Ah, the teen years—full of dating and “the talk.” We’re breaking down how to approach relationships, consent, and healthy boundaries. If you’ve got a teen, you’ll want to tune in.

📚 This Week’s Homework Helper:

Our Homework Helper for this episode is called “Create the Family Life You Want: Dodging the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Mindset Trap.” I’m a firm believer in the power of mindsets, and this guide is designed to help you identify and shift a mindset that keeps many parents stuck and unhappy. You won’t want to miss this!

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If you’re ready to level up your parenting game and walk away feeling more confident and less stressed, this episode is your practical guide. Your family’s happier, healthier future is just one click away. 🎧💕

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