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The Common Stages In The Co-Parenting Journey

Today’s episode is on the topic of co-parenting. I work with divorced, separated, or never-married parents all the time at Modern Parenting Solutions and I know that the co-parenting relationship can be a tricky one. Some co-parents find a way to work well together, while others have to figure out how to parent with a contentious and difficult ex. That’s why I say that co-parenting is a journey and that every co-parent’s journey is different.

I’m also a co-parent myself. My ex-husband and I divorced when my kids were 10 and 7 years old, and today they are 24 and 21, and I think that my ex-husband and I did a pretty good job of peacefully co-parenting our kids. Now, don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of ups and downs during our co-parenting journey, but for the most part, I believe that we were pretty successful co-parents. I used my Modern Parenting philosophy of prioritizing respectful relationships, focusing on helping the kids discover and grow their natural talents and abilities, and respecting my need to grow as an individual and to be happy as well to guide my co-parenting journey.

Because of all this experience with co-parenting, I’ve put all my Modern Parenting strategies in my court-approved online co-parenting class. Many parents are court-mandated or advised by their family law attorney to take a co-parenting class as part of their custody plan, so I decided to create my own co-parenting class to meet this need. Now, there are quite a few co-parenting classes available online, but I wanted mine to be different in the sense that I wanted to address the topics and questions that I get from co-parents all the time when I work with them at MPS.

Questions like:

  • How do I parent with a narcissistic or uncooperative ex?
  • How do I discipline my kids if their other parent doesn’t have any discipline at their home?
  • How do I repair my relationship with my child if it has become broken?
  • How do I communicate to my ex and to my kids when I don’t feel like they respect me or care about what I have to say?
  • And most importantly – how do I move on from an emotional breakup? How do I use this experience to become a better version of ME so I can enjoy life again?

I answer all these questions and more in my online court-approved co-parenting class. You can find out more information about the class by going to

To give you an idea of what my online co-parenting course is like, and to start you on your co-parenting journey, today’s episode is one of the lessons in my online co-parenting course. It’s the lesson on the common stages of co-parenting.

I want you to get 3 things out of the episode today:

  1. I want you to understand the common stages of the co-parenting journey,
  2. I want you to be able to identify where YOU are on the co-parenting journey, and
  3. I want you to feel confident and hopeful that if you are struggling in your co-parenting journey right now, that you CAN get to a stage in the co-parenting journey that provides you with peace, a good relationship with your child, and a great relationship with yourself too.

Ok. Let’s dive into the lesson now.

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