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The Modern Parent’s Thoughtful & Impactful 2023 Gift Guide for Tweens

2023 Holiday Gift Guide For Tweens

A Gift Guide Tailored for Tweens, Because They’re Truly Unique

Navigating the tween years can be a journey filled with rapid changes, both emotionally and physically.

It’s during this pivotal phase that tweens begin to define their identities, leaning into the foundational pillars of independence, mastery, and connection –the three essential ingredients for maturing into happy, healthy, motivated, interesting, and moral young adults.

This Christmas, you have a golden opportunity to select gifts that not only delight but also deeply resonate, encouraging your tween to engage with and grow in these transformative areas.

Keep scrolling to explore the entire Tween Christmas gift guide or use the quick links below to jump to specific sections:

  • Independence: These gifts will encourage your tween to take charge of their own space, practice time management, make choices, and express themselves in a healthy way.
  • Mastery: These gifts will help your tween discover and cultivate natural passions and interests –  and feel a sense of accomplishment in the process.
  • Connection: These gifts provide the opportunity for your tween to strengthen bonds with family, friends, and their community.
  • Just For Fun: While the other categories are about growth and development, gifts in this section are all about joy, laughter, and enjoying the lighter side of life—because fun is an important part of any balanced upbringing.

By selecting a gift from this guide, you’re not just picking up another item to wrap. You’re gifting an experience, an opportunity, a tool for growth. You’re recognizing and celebrating the unique phase that is ‘tweenhood’ and empowering your tween to blossom with confidence.

So this year, make your Christmas gifts count. Dive into this specially curated list and find gifts that don’t just delight but also inspire, empower, and connect.

Gifts That Promote Independence

Empower your tween to chart their own path with these thoughtfully curated gifts. Designed to ignite the spark of independence, each item in this list nudges your tween to make decisions, set boundaries, and define their own expectations and limits. It’s not just about doing things solo—it’s about providing them the tools and trust they need to seek guidance without feeling overly reliant. From being in charge of organizing their own space to taking chare of better managing their time, these gifts are doorways to self-reliance and personal growth.

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01. Step into the Future of Time Management with this Cube Timer! [$10.99]

More than just a timing device, this gravity-sensing Cube Timer is the perfect tool to help your tween transition into taking charge of their own time.

Whether they’re employing the Pomodoro method for focused homework sessions, managing their screen time effectively, setting personal goals for reading, or mastering the discipline needed for skill-building activities, this Cube Timer encourages them to set their own pace and stay on track.

With visible countdowns and adjustable alarms, your tween will have everything they need to master the minutes. Ready to give the gift of time autonomy? Toss this timer into your cart and let the countdown to a more independent tween begin – with a side of fun!

02. Empower Your Tween’s Green Thumb & Promote Empathy – One Plant at a Time!  [$34.95]

With the Cute Farms Terrarium Starter Kit, your tween will get to dive hands-on into a project that requires consistency, problem-solving, and responsibility.

As they meticulously arrange their miniature ecosystem and ensure it thrives, they’re also honing skills that will serve them well in the real world. From the vibrant moss colors to the fun miniature dinos, every element in this kit is designed to capture their imagination while teaching them the importance of care and commitment. And as their terrarium flourishes, so will their confidence and self-reliance.

Isn’t it time you let their green thumb shine? Go ahead, add this gem to your cart and watch your young person bloom alongside their new mini oasis.

03. Nag No More: Communication, Tween-Style! [$8.99]

Open the doors to tear-free, frustration-free communication with the Mom’s No-Nag To-Do List.

Crafted for those pivotal tween years, this planner bridges the gap between what parents need and how tweens prefer to operate. Each of its 50 high-quality tear-off sheets serves as a gentle nudge, ensuring your tween stays on track without feeling overwhelmed.

More than just tasks and reminders, there’s a special space for a “Love Note From Mom,” promoting understanding and warmth in every interaction. This isn’t just a to-do list—it’s a tool for building trust, fostering independence, and ensuring both parents and tweens feel heard and valued

Let’s make parent-tween conversations something to look forward to! Ready to redefine communication? Add this to your cart and let the transformative chats begin!

04. No More ‘My Phone’s About To Die!’ Moments! [$39.99]

Imagine a world where you’re not constantly asked, “Mom/Dad, where’s my charger? My phone’s about to die!”

Welcome to the age of self-managed tech! This multi-device charging station doesn’t just juice up phones and tablets swiftly; it’s a lesson in responsibility. With spots for every gadget, your tween will quickly learn the importance of organization, taking care of their possessions, and the sweet joy of always having a fully charged device ready to go. Plus, it’s a nifty tool that keeps their tech corner neat and tidy.

Feeling the surge of parent satisfaction yet? Go ahead, add some electric independence to your cart!

05. From Allowance to Assets: Teen Finance 101! [$27.99]

We’ve all experienced that heart-skipping-a-beat moment when we hand over cash to our eager tween, secretly wondering if they know its real value.

Now, imagine your tween confidently managing their money, showcasing budgeting wizardry, and even enlightening you on investment strategies. Sounds dreamy? Well, it’s absolutely possible with “Money Skills for Teens!” This isn’t just a textbook—it’s a passport to financial independence. From the basics of opening their first bank account to the intricacies of credit scores and long-term investing, this guide ensures your teen is prepared to navigate the world of dollars and cents.

Ready to invest in your teen’s future? 🚀 Slide this gem into your cart and watch their financial confidence soar!


Discover the magic within your tween with gifts that shine a light on their natural talents.

Tweens are in a special phase, figuring out who they are and what makes them tick. It’s when they start realizing, “Hey, I’m really good at this!” or “This is what I love doing!” By diving into their passions and practicing their strengths, they build a confidence that will guide them in years to come.

These mastery gifts aren’t just fun—they’re confidence builders. They’re not just about learning a skill; they’re about celebrating your tween’s unique spark. So let’s help our tweens grow, showing them that they’re not only capable but truly extraordinary. These gifts are more than just presents; they’re tickets to a brighter, self-assured future.

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01. Who Knew? Your Tween, a Future Robot Mastermind! [$79.99 After Coupon]

Dive into a world where your tween doesn’t just play with robots—they build them!

Many tweens doubt they’ve got what it takes, but with this kit, they’ll soon discover they’re brimming with untapped potential. And here’s the bonus: building this robot isn’t just a solo adventure. It’s a golden ticket to quality parent-child bonding. As you guide, cheer, and maybe even learn alongside them, you’re not just building a robot, you’re building memories.

Beep, boop, beep! That’s robot speak for ‘Add to cart and let the fun begin!’

02. Deep Dive into Dreams: Boosting Confidence Through Tween Introspection! [$25.50]

Unlock the power of self-reflection for your tween with the Big Life Journal. As today’s world buzzes with distractions, this journal teaches tweens that spending time alone with their thoughts is not only valuable, but transformative.

Guided prompts foster resilience, gratitude, and a growth mindset. It’s a tool that shows your tween the strength in introspection, helping them discover their immense potential. With each page turned, they’ll learn more about themselves, set future goals, and understand how to make dreams a reality. 

Elevate your gift-giving game; let your tween unwrap the gift of self-discovery. Add to cart and celebrate their introspective journey!

03. Twist, Turn, Triumph: Unleash Your Tween’s Genius! [$22.99]

This bundle isn’t just a set of toys—it’s a brain-boosting journey that promotes critical thinking, patience, and strategic planning.

As your tween maneuvers through each cube’s challenges, they’re not only having fun but also sharpening their problem-solving skills and nurturing their inner genius. Beyond the mental gymnastics, it’s a ticket to quality offline time, pulling them away from screens and into a realm of tactile discovery. And hey, why not join in and make it a bonding activity?

Twist into a brighter, brainier tomorrow and sprinkle some cerebral sparkle into your cart!

04. From Doodles to 3D Dreams! [$79.99]

Elevate your tween’s artistic journey with the 3Doodler 3D Printing Pen. It’s more than a pen; it’s a beacon to a world where flat sketches come to life. Just imagine your tween molding vibrant figures, intricate designs, or maybe, a keepsake for their room! With its effortless start-up, they’ll be breathing life into their 3D visions in no time.

But the 3Doodler does more than craft art—it cultivates confidence. For tweens with a budding passion in art or innovation, this tool is a stepping stone. As they draw, design, and innovate, they transition from tentative artists to confident creators who adore their offline, hands-on moments. Each 3D masterpiece not only reflects their growing skill but also their vision of tomorrow.

So, eager to fuel your tween’s creative voyage and glimpse their future masterpieces? Slide this 3D pen into your cart and spark an offline adventure in artistry!

05. Every Note, a Step Towards Mastery! [$124.99]

Let your tween dance their fingers across this keyboard, and watch them not only embrace the magic of music but also the wonders of mastery.

Playing an instrument, especially a keyboard, isn’t just about hitting the right notes; it’s a journey into cognitive growth, discipline, and creativity. Did you know? Music has been linked to enhanced math skills, improved memory, and a boost in spatial-temporal skills. Plus, every time they master a tune or create their own melody, their confidence skyrockets. So, by gifting them this keyboard, you’re not just offering tunes; you’re presenting a symphony of developmental benefits.

Give a standing ovation to their bright future by sliding this keyboard into your cart. Because who says the path to brilliance can’t be set to a musical score? 🎵🌟🚀


This holiday season, offer your tween an invaluable gift—the gift of connection. The items on this list aren’t just the latest tween fads; they’re pathways to nurturing bonds with family, peers, and the vast world around them.

Picture your tween, eyes lit up, as they bond with friends over a riveting game or dive into heartfelt conversations with you, ignited by an intriguing present. These gifts are more than just objects; they’re the foundation for deeper relationships and expanded worldviews.

So dive in and select a present that not only delights but also empowers your tween. Setting the stage now ensures they step into high school with unshakable confidence, unwavering motivation, and a profound sense of purpose. Because when a tween feels truly connected, they’re set on a path to thrive.

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01. Family Fun Night: Where Stories Bind Us Together! [$40.00)

Unlock the gateway to deeper family connections with the Dixit Disney Edition Board Game!

While the enchanting illustrations serve as a delightful backdrop, the true magic lies in the tales woven, memories shared, and bonds fortified. This game isn’t just about identifying films; it’s a canvas for your tween to practice storytelling, articulate thoughts, and engage in healthy communication.

As players dive into imaginative clues and narratives, they’re also cultivating essential connection skills that fortify the foundation of a close parent-child relationship. Envision a cozy evening where laughter echoes, stories enthrall, and the bond of family strengthens.

Ready to turn your family nights into treasure troves of memories? Dive into this game and let the heartwarming connection unfurl, one card at a time!

02. Connect On-the-Go with Trampoline Pong! [$69.99]

Introduce your tween to the exhilarating world of Trampoline Pong – a game that promises not just laughter and fun, but a fabulous way to strengthen their connections, no matter where they are!

Ideal for indoor and outdoor spaces, this portable game table is the perfect companion for sleepovers or casual hangouts at a friend’s house. And here’s the bonus: it’s a brilliant way for your tween to become the social catalyst, inviting peers over or taking the game to them, nurturing those essential peer relationships. Besides being a bridge for physical activity and bonding, Trampoline Pong enhances teamwork, coordination, and the joy of friendly competition.

Ready to let your tween create memorable connections away from home? Click and bounce this game right into your cart, and let the adventures begin! 

03. Crafting Connections Anywhere You Go! [$29.97]

Unleash the boundless world of creativity with this ultimate arts and crafts kit. With over 2,000 pieces, your tween has the perfect toolkit to bring friends together, weaving connections over shared masterpieces.

Imagine rainy days transformed into vibrant craft sessions with friends, or sleepovers accentuated with DIY memories. As they create, they’re not just making art; they’re building bonds, boosting emotional health, and nurturing a lifelong love for creativity.

Ready to be the home with the coolest crafting sessions? Click this into your cart and watch friendships blossom over beads, buttons, and brushstrokes!

04. Capture Connections, One Click at a Time! [$39.99 After Coupon]

Introduce your tween to the magic of capturing memories with the Eveedo Instant Print Camera. Beyond its fun tech features, this camera offers an incredible gateway to connect with the world.

Whether it’s snapping candid moments with new friends, or chronicling family adventures, this little gem becomes a conversation starter! And, with instant print, there’s a tangible memento to share or trade, fostering connections wherever they go.

Just imagine your tween capturing nature’s wonders or the vibrant hues of a school event, then sharing those moments, stories, and even trading prints with those they meet. Not just a camera, it’s a passport to new experiences and friendships.

Ready to make the world a bit closer for your tween? Click it into your cart and let the world-connecting journey begin!

05. Elevate Family Movie Nights: Pop, Season, and Bond! [$21.98 Coupon]

There’s nothing quite like the heartwarming sounds of popcorn popping to signal a cherished family movie night.

Dive into this Popcorn Movie Night Kit and let the magic of flavors elevate your bonding time! From the zesty tang of “Fiery Hot Pepper” to the classic comfort of “Salted Butter”, each seasoning invites delightful reactions and discussions, nurturing your tween’s connection skills. Sharing thoughts on each flavor, laughing over a film, or simply enjoying the popcorn together, this kit inspires regular family get-togethers, fostering priceless memories.

Ready to transform an ordinary evening into a laughter-filled bonding session? 🍿 Click the button above to put this item in your Amazon shopping cart and get the reels (and kernels!) rolling!

05. Magnetic Marvels: Where Teamwork Meets Tantalizing Twists! [$33.99]

Dive into the world of the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Magnetic Marble Run and witness the magic of peer collaboration come alive!

Not only will the projects born from this kit serve as the heart of your tween’s group gatherings, but this marble maze chain reaction set promises to metamorphose their team play into an avenue brimming with advanced communication, teamwork, strategy, and pinpoint accuracy. Ideal for team projects and friendly get-togethers, this kit isn’t just another game – it’s a vibrant platform for your child and their peers to bond, brainstorm, and bring their collective visions to life. Ready to level up your tween’s group interactions? Pop this in your cart and let the magnetic teamwork begin!

Ready to see bonds deepen and skills sharpen? 🌠 Dive into this magnetic wonderland and let the collaborative challenges commence! 🌠 Pop it into your cart and prepare for praise from pleased peers!

GIFTS That Are Just For Fun! 🙂

This holiday season, let’s celebrate the vibrant energy and whimsical spirit of tweens. The gifts in this section are curated to unleash pure joy, boundless laughter, and the playful side of your tween. While there’s no denying the importance of educational and inspirational gifts, there’s something undeniably magical about presents that are crafted purely for the thrill of fun.

Envision the spark in your tween’s eyes as they unveil a gift that promises nothing but sheer enjoyment. From side-splitting games to funky gadgets, these selections are all about reveling in life’s carefree and delightful moments.

So, dive in and choose a gift that epitomizes fun. Everyone deserves a respite from life’s challenges, and gifting a moment of joy is a heartwarming gesture of love. Remember, a tween who cherishes the joy of fun embraces a pivotal essence of a joyous life.

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01. Unleash the Giggles with Farting Frenchies! [$19.99]

Who said fun can’t be a tad bit cheeky?

Dive into the hilarious world of “Farting Frenchies,” where your tween can enjoy life’s quirky moments with their friends and family. Not only will this game keep everyone laughing, but it also provides a platform for your tween to connect, strategize, and share in the sheer joy of play.

Celebrate the silly side of life by collecting adorable Frenchies and embarking on a mission filled with playful strategy. Ideal for any gathering or a spontaneous game night, this card game promises endless fun and, of course, a bit of friendly competition.  

Add a splash of fun to your cart and let the giggles commence! Remember, laughter is contagious; catch it with Farting Frenchies! 🐶🎉

02. Blast from the Past with a Mini Twist! [$33.99]

Let your tween connect with friends in timeless play, nurturing their innate passion for fun, while also keeping up with today’s modern twist on classic games.

Every dart fired is not just a testament to joy, but a reminder of the bond that pure, undiluted fun can create. 

Add a sprinkle of classic fun to your cart and let the games begin! P.S.: No batteries required – just pure, hands-on excitement! 

03. Light Up Their World (And Yours Too!) with the Cutest Toast Around! 🍞 [$17.99 After Coupon]

You know a gift is a winner when it’s not just perfect for tweens but also makes it to my must-have lists for young children and teens, too. And guess what? I was so smitten by its charm that I couldn’t resist getting one for myself!

This isn’t just a regular lamp; it doubles up as a phone stand, offers gentle warm lighting that protects young eyes, and has a handy auto-off feature ensuring sweet dreams every night. So, whether it’s for your tween’s cozy reading nook or your own bedside table, this delightful toast is here to spread happiness.

Feeling toasty already? Let’s make it official – click that “Add to Cart” button and bring home a slice of pure joy!

04. Unleash Their Dreams: Your Tween’s Canvas for Tomorrow! [$41.99]

This combination of a corkboard and dry erase board is more than just a tool—it’s a tangible space for your tween to lay out their dreams before they become goals. Let them pin inspiring photos, jot down exhilarating ideas, and magnetize those snippets of future ambitions.

In the journey of life, dreams come before goals, and teaching your tween to dream big is the first step to achieving monumental life milestones. This board isn’t just about organizing—it’s about trusting in their potential and championing their aspirations. I believe so much in the power of vision that I’ve got one on my own wall!

So, go on and add this dream catalyst to your cart and let’s toast to a future full of realized dreams! 🌟 P.S.: Dreams are free, but this vision board is going fast. Snag yours now!

05. Unlock Their Ultimate Focus: Where Dreams Take Flight and Goals Are Achieved! [$49.99 After Coupon]

Imagine gifting your tween a serene haven amid the daily hustle-bustle; the INFURTURE Active Noise Cancelling Headphones are that peaceful retreat!

By effectively drowning out the world’s clamor, they pave a tranquil path for your tween to connect deeply with their dreams, aspirations, and study material. Knowledge retention soars when distractions plummet. Whether it’s diving into a heartfelt daydream or diving deep into their favorite subject, these headphones serve as a guardian of focus. And remember, today’s dreams craft tomorrow’s realities.

Ready to set your tween on the path to achieving those big dreams? Add this item to your cart for a dose of clarity and aspiration!