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Jenn Staggs

I highly recommend this course. The video lessons are easy to watch and the worksheets included with the lessons are invaluable. I originally bought this course because my daughter wanted to create an Etsy store and I wanted to make sure it would be a good experience for her. The business plan included in the course was awesome! My daughter had a good time filling it out and it helped us get on the same page about how was responsible for what when it came to her new shop.


This course was exactly what I was looking for. My daughter was going down a path with social media that was causing her to become a person that I didn’t recognize anymore. I feel like I have a plan that will help me re-connect with my daughter and help her see that social media isn’t her whole world.

P. R.

I took this course because I like listening to Dr. Ballinger’s podcast and I like her outlook on parenting. My kids are still young and I don’t let them have a lot of time on tech yet and I want to be prepared on how to let my kids use tech when it’s the right time. I really liked that I have a family tech plan at the end of the course that I’m going to use for many years to come that will guide my decisions about tech. I would definitely recommend this course for other parents.

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