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Feeling like the tech in your home has become a monster?

Tech Chaos and Overwhelm Had You Frustrated and Confused Until Today – Because NOW You Have a Solution.

You’re not alone. Many of the families that I work with in my Southern California group practice complain of tech taking over their kids’ lives. They tell me that their kids don’t seem to have a life outside of video games, social media, or YouTube!

You CAN take back control. The first step is to set boundaries with tech and I’ve created a great download for you that’s designed to help you with that goal. This free resource will help you decide:

What boundaries to set – based upon YOUR personal values and beliefs.

How to communicate these boundaries to your child or teen.

When you should be strict with setting boundaries vs. when you can be lenient.

All you need to do is enter your email address in the box below and I’ll send you all 3 contracts – The Smartphone Contract, The Gaming Contract, and The Social Media Contract – directly to your email inbox. THEN, decide which contract(s) apply to you, print them out, personalize them, and then have an effective conversation with your child or teen.

The only way to control the Tech Monster in your house is to start taking control NOW.