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Ready to improve your child or teen’s self-motivation?

The Lack of Confidence Kid is smart, full of potential, and generally WANTS to do well, but they suffer from a lack of self-confidence that stops them from achieving great things.

The good news? This personality type ISN’T permanent!

This Personality Type’s Benefits…

Yes! There are pros & cons to each motivation personality type. Learn about The Lack of Confidence Kid’s SUPERPOWERS below.

They Want To Please Others

They care about what important people think of them.

They Are FULL of Potential

They’ve got great natural talents and abilities.

They Make Good Friends

Once they warm up to people, they form great relationships.

They Have Patience

They have the ability to work on a goal until it is completed.

This Personality Type’s Drawbacks…

Kids and teens with this personality type get stuck in their worry that they’re not good enough…so they stop trying!