Your Child or Teen’s Lack of Motivation might Not be Their Fault!

Take The Quiz To Find Out Your Child’s Motivation Personality Style…And How To Jumpstart Their “Motivation Muscle”!

Did you know that there are 7 different motivation personality styles?

It’s important to know your child or teen’s exact motivation personality style in order to understand how to work WITH their personality and not against it!

So how do you figure out your child’s motivation personality style?

The 3-Step Discovery Process:



Take the quiz

Complete our online assessment to figure out which motivation personality style best fits your child or teen.


Jumpstart Your Child or Teen’s Motivation

Get our specialized recommendations on which parenting strategies work BEST with your individual child or teen’s motivation personality (a free resource provided at the end of the quiz).



Inspire Your Child or Teen to be Independently Motivated

If you’re like most parents, you not only want your child or teen to be motivated to complete homework, extracurriculars, and chores, but you want them to do it without having to nag them about it all the time!

In step 3, we’ll provide you with the blueprint needed to guide your child or teen to become independently self-motivated (you’re tired of micro-managing them, right?).

I was ready to just give up with my 13-year-old. She would break down into tears every night when it came time to do homework. Her self-esteem was at an all-time low due to her failing grades. We just didn’t know WHAT to do.


Then we started using your strategies and it is a whole different experience after just one month! We still have some mild grumpiness at times, but the tears, negative self-talk, and MOM GUILT are pretty much gone!

Thank you for breaking down these strategies in a way that a busy mom like me can understand and actually use.

Adrienne M.

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This Quiz Is For You If…

  • You’re tired of the daily battles about homework.

  • Your child or teen’s self-esteem has hit rock bottom because of their grades and the pressure of academics.

  • You’re tired of constantly looking over your child’s shoulder and micro-managing them.

  • You want to ENJOY your time with your child in a peaceful and orderly household, instead of constantly arguing all the time.

Don’t have time for the quiz?

Skip to Step 2 and gain access to the Motivation Personality ebook that explains all 7 personality styles AND the strategies needed to JUMPSTART motivation for each style!

(Parents who take the quiz automatically receive this ebook at the end of the quiz)