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Episode #75:

From ‘Are We There Yet?’ to ‘Best Trip Ever!’ – Vacation Tips for Families

Is your dream family vacation turning into a nightmare of sibling squabbles or teen moodiness?

We’ve all been there – those vacations that were supposed to be great but ended up in misery. This episode is your ticket to transforming those potential disasters into unforgettable, joy-filled adventures.

Join me as I share proven strategies to ensure your family vacation is more about bonding and exciting experiences than endless complaints. Discover how to set up this year’s family vacation for success with actionable tips tailored for elementary schoolers, middle schoolers, and teens.

Let’s make this vacation season the best one yet!

In today’s episode, I’m diving into how to transform those endless days of potential summer slump into a season brimming with growth, connection, and involvement.

Here’s a sneak peek of what I’ll cover:

  • [8:36] Setting the Foundation for a Smooth Vacation: Kickstart your trip on the right foot with essential tips for preparation and setting expectations.
  • [14:52] Tackling Common Vacation Challenges: Address the most frequent vacation hurdles with practical solutions to keep everyone happy.
  • [20:09] Engaging Elementary School Kids: Learn how to make vacations magical and fun for your young children with specific, age-appropriate strategies.
  • [28:26] Balancing Independence and Family Time for Middle Schoolers: Discover ways to give your tweens the independence they crave while ensuring quality family bonding.
  • [36:51] Keeping Teens Invested and Engaged: Find out how to respect your teen’s space and interests while encouraging their participation in family activities.
  • [46:04] My Parent Coaching Challenge for You: Take on my special challenge designed to help you plan a successful, stress-free vacation.

Tune in and turn your next family vacation into a memorable and positive experience for everyone!

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