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Episode #72:

Stop Feeling Manipulated By Your Child or Teen By Using These 4 Proven Strategies

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Do you feel like your child or teen’s emotions are controlling your life? Learn how to regain control with these four proven strategies.

This episode is a masterclass in understanding and managing emotional manipulation. You’ll learn about the science behind why parents get caught in these cycles and, most importantly, how to break free.

Dr. Becca Ballinger shares the four key strategies you need to create a peaceful and connected family environment. After listening, you will know exactly what to do to handle your young person’s intense emotions, foster better communication, and build a stronger, more supportive relationship.

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In this episode:

  • 08:00: Discover why your child’s emotional outbursts feel so manipulative.
  • 10:05: The surprising science behind emotional manipulation cycles.
  • 12:25: How emotional dysregulation impacts your child or teen.
  • 14:35: Why developmental stages make emotional regulation tough.
  • 16:55: The real reason your young person tests boundaries.
  • 19:15: Attention-seeking behaviors: What’s really going on?
  • 21:45: Are you unintentionally reinforcing bad habits?
  • 24:30: Strategy #1: The mindset shift that changes everything.
  • 26:15: Strategy #2: Simple steps to build emotional awareness.
  • 28:30: Strategy #3: How to properly acknowledge and address emotions.
  • 30:45: Strategy #4: Teaching coping skills that actually work.
  • 33:10: Real-life success stories from families like yours.
  • 35:20: Recap of the four transformative strategies.
  • 37:50: Visualization exercise to help you stay motivated.

And always remember, Friend, I believe in you. You’ve got this.