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Episode 52:

When Your Child or Teen Doesn’t Want To Go To School: 10 Strategies That Work

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From School Refusal to Ready & Willing: Dive Deep into Why Some Young People Say ‘No’ and How You Can Guide Them to a Consistent ‘Yes’! 

Tired of the morning battles?

Feeling defeated with every “I don’t want to go to school”?

Frustrated because it’s been a recurring pattern?

You’re not alone. Whether it’s a recent challenge or you’ve been facing it for years, this episode is for you. This week’s episode will uncover the heart of school refusal and give you the tools you need to address it effectively.

🎧 Join me as I walk you through the maze of reasons young people resist school and, importantly, the strategies to turn those hesitations into positive school attitudes. Get ready for transformation!

📌 Here’s What You’ll Learn:

[9:55] Facing the Reality: Learn from current statistics that shine a light on just how widespread the issue of school refusal is, putting your child or teen’s behavior into perspective.

[14:07] Beyond the Classroom: Understand that school attendance isn’t merely about grades; it’s about instilling life-long values and essential life skills.

[17:42] Spotting the Red Flags: Recognize the shift from everyday adolescent reluctance to the more concerning signs of school refusal with 4 key indicators.

[20:17] Root of the Refusal: Grasp the 10 pivotal reasons causing young people to shy away from school, helping you get to the heart of your child or teen’s resistance.

[25:22] Roadmap to Resolution: Equip yourself with actionable strategies that specifically target the reasons behind school refusal, setting the stage for a more harmonious morning.

[41:34] Dialogue Done Right: I know you love examples, especially when it comes to having hard conversations with your young people. In this part of the episode, you’ll master the art of parent-child communication. I give you 3 examples on broaching the subject of regular attendance, tailored for elementary, middle, and high school age groups. This insight will empower you to have constructive conversations that really resonate with your child or teen.

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👉 Let’s embark on this journey together. Press play, settle into your favorite spot, and immerse yourself in today’s insightful episode. Remember, you’re not alone on this parenting path—I’m here to offer the encouragement, insights, and guidance you need to raise incredible young people in today’s world.

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