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What is the #1 concern for most Modern Parents?

How to effectively discipline their child or teen.

Most Modern Parents want a discipline strategy that:

  • Improves their child’s behavior,
  • Teaches their child an important life lesson that they’ll use for the rest of their lives,
  • And, most importantly, they don’t want disciplining their child to lead to a break down in the parent-child relationship.

If you share these same concerns, then this is definitely the episode for you!

Before listening to this episode, download the free PDF workbook that I’ve created for you that takes you step-by-step through everything that I talk about in the episode today. By listening to this episode AND completing the free workbook, you will be able to create a behavior plan that works for you individual family.


The Behavior Plan Workbook

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Disciplining a child at any age – from toddler to teenager – is always going to be difficult. You just can’t get around the fact that this is not a fun part of parenting – but you CAN make discipline effective.

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • [00:40] Family rituals are easy to create and serve to create a strong parent-child bond.
  • [03:50] Learn what a behavior plan is and why it should replace your current discipline strategy.
  • [06:00] I explain the 3 elements that every successful behavior plan must contain, and I break those elements down in detail so that you know everything you need to create your own successful behavior plan.
  • [18:00] Now that you know everything that is involved in creating a behavior plan, I give you the 3 reasons why it works so well in changing the behavior of modern kids.
  • [21:20] I want YOUR behavior plan to be a success, so I also share with you several ways that I’ve seen some of my clients fail with a behavior plan – and they didn’t have to fail!

You’re going to get some really great information in today’s episode!


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