There’s one important factor that will make or break a successful Modern Parent, and it has nothing to do with consequences/punishments, communication, or even quality of involvement between parent and child.

One of the biggest predictors I’ve found of parenting success is how confident a parent is with their parenting decisions.

I’m not talking about the false bravado felt when giving a child a consequence with the attitude of “Because I’m the parent and I say so,” but the feeling of actual confidence that comes upon a parent when they base their decisions on a framework that is based on their unique passions, values, and interests.

On today’s episode, I’ll teach you all about creating a parenting framework on which you’ll base all of your parenting decisions.


The Ultimate Guide To Making Better Parenting Decisions

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No more wondering what to do when your child misbehaves or pushes the boundaries in your house – now you’ll know exactly how to address even the most emotional situations when they come up.

When using a framework (based upon the 3 important factors that I discuss in depth in today’s episode) to guide your parenting decisions, you’ll never feel that uncomfortable feeling of doubt in the pit of your stomach ever again.

This Modern Parenting strategy has been a game-changer for myself and for so many of the other parents that I work with, and I believe that it is a cornerstone of all other parenting techniques. That’s why today’s episode is the first part of a five-part Modern Parenting 101 series.

So much goodness is packed into this episode and I can’t wait for you to tune in.


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