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Core Values

Our values = Our commitment to our patients and our Team Members 

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Our mission at Modern Parenting Solutions (MPS) is to serve the youth and their families in a way that is innovative, evidence-based, and effective. We strive to constantly challenge ourselves to do better by not being afraid to ask tough questions, try new things, and to use objective data as our guide.

We believe that in order to serve Modern Families, we must ensure that our services are as modern as the challenges that our young patients face. Consequently, our goal as clinicians is to continually be aware of current scientific research, trends, and behavioral applications, and to implement those new strategies into our sessions if they make sense.

As a group practice, we strive to create an environment where every staff member feels safe to share their ideas, open to collaborate with one another, and passionate about becoming experts in their niche. Ultimately, we want all of our staff members to feel like their career at Modern Parenting Solutions is rewarding and fun. 

We encourage our clinicians to use their creativity when implementing evidence-based practices. We’ve found that our young patients and their families don’t want “cookie cutter” therapy – they want therapeutic services that are uniquely tailored to the individual child. At MPS, we work together to develop interventions and trainings that are both innovative and effective.

If you are the kind of professional who is tired of being told what to do by rigid organizations, and you have a creative spirit waiting to be unleashed, then you might be a good candidate for MPS.


We’re committed to providing a safe and encouraging atmosphere that allows our patients to heal and our staff to flourish as professionals.

We believe in providing excellent customer service to the patients that become part of the Modern Parenting Solutions family. This means we make every effort to communicate with worried parents outside of their child’s session; we take the time to develop customized treatment plans for each patient; and we work together with other professionals (i.e. teachers, PCPs, etc). who are also part of the patient’s treatment team.

In addition, we strive to support our staff to continually grow as experts in their specialties by providing the necessary tools, resources, and trainings that they might need. It is our belief that our staff should leave our office each day feeling proud of the fact that they made a difference in lives of the young people and families that we so passionately serve.

While we highly encourage our clinicians to use creativity within an evidence-based context while providing services for our patients, we also aim to evaluate our creative endeavors/experiments using hard data. We understand that it’s important to have big ideas and to try new things, but ultimately, these experiments must benefit our patients and/or their families. 

If you are the kind of person that likes to try new things, and can walk away from a project that sometimes doesn’t work out, then you might be a good candidate for MPS.

We promote hiring clinicians of varying backgrounds, beliefs, and specialties to better serve the diverse and unique experience of our patients. It’s also important that our office promotes the foundation of diversity, equity, and inclusivity in its culture and practice.

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** After completing the questionnaire, please see below on how to email your resume/cv **

** After completing the questionnaire, please see below on how to email your resume/cv **

In order to be considered for one or more positions, applicants must:

  1. Complete the Full Time Employment Questionnaire or the Part Time Employment Questionnaire – be prepared to upload your resume/cv at the end of the questionnaire.
  2. Email a resume/cv to our Practice Manager, Lisa Shults, at

Applicants who complete the requirements and match our needs will be contacted for a phone screening before an in person interview.

Remember to upload your resume/cv at the end of the questionnaire. Thank you 🙂



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