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Flexibility = Everybody Wins!

MPS offers Team Members flexible working conditions. We believe that part of the benefit of working for a group practice is having a large part of autonomy over many aspects of the Clinical Therapists’ day-to-day life. Research tells us that having a sense of autonomy contributes to a higher sense of happiness and wellbeing for the Team Member.

 Specifically, flexible working conditions at MPS means that Team Members have the ability to:

  • Manage their own patient schedules
  • Perform support tasks remotely (i.e. complete notes at home, make quick parent support phone calls away from the office, etc.)
  • Meet with patients remotely using (telehealth) through a company-supported HIPAA compliant video conference platform

This creates an environment for our Team Members in which they can balance their jobs with other aspects of their lives as needed, taking an active role in reducing burnout with the important work they do for the families in our community. 

In addition, MPS believes that Clinical Therapists should concentrate on what they do best – provide quality clinical care for their patients – and MPS provides support staff to perform billing, initial scheduling tasks, and marketing. This means that the Clinical Therapist never has to worry about tracking down co-pays, verifying insurance eligibility, or finding their own patients. We do all this for you!

Find out more about the Full-Time & Part-Time positions below, as well as how to apply to the positions.

** After completing the questionnaire, please see below on how to email your resume/cv **

** After completing the questionnaire, please see below on how to email your resume/cv **

In order to be considered for one or more positions, applicants must:

  1. Complete the Full Time Employment Questionnaire or the Part Time Employment Questionnaire – be prepared to upload your resume/cv at the end of the questionnaire.
  2. Email a resume/cv to our Practice Manager, Lisa Shults, at LShults@ModernParentingSolutions.org

Applicants who complete the requirements and match our needs will be contacted for a phone screening before an in person interview.

Remember to upload your resume/cv at the end of the questionnaire. Thank you 🙂



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