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My 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For Teens

Holiday Season Gifts 2022

Teens Can Be Tough When It Comes To Gifts...

Don’t just float through another holiday season feeling like you just went through the motions buying gifts for your teen that quickly get discarded, forgotten, and unappreciated.

This year, make Christmas 2022 meaningful by selecting gifts for your teen that reinforce the three important Modern Parenting themes: independence, mastery, and connection.

Click through my list below where I’ve compiled gifts that will give your teen more than a shiny object, but a life lesson that will stay with them forever.

Gifts That Promote Independence

These gifts encourage a teen’s independence: trying new things, taking on more responsibility, making decisions by themselves, and working out who they are and what they want to be

Bluetooth Speaker with Night Light – $49.99

This alarm clock promotes good sleep and wake habits. It has USB connectivity so that teens can fall asleep to calm music or white noise, and the alarm function is effective in getting tired teens out of their beds in the morning!

Oh! And it’s cute too with several different color choices and brightness levels.

MODERN PARENTING TIP: It’s too easy for teens to “snooze” their smartphone in the morning. An alarm clock like this set on a desk across the room is more effective in getting the teen up and going in the morning.

Click HERE to purchase the alarm clock.

Oral-B Pro 5000 Smartseries Power Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity – $98.89

This electric toothbrush features 5 cleaning modes allowing your teen to brush based on their unqiue needs. This brush is fun and easy to use – which increases the likelihood that your teen will use it.

MODERN PARENTING TIP: Get your teen in the habit of being in charge of their own health – the sooner this becomes a habit, the better.

Click HERE to purchase the toothbrush.

Life Skills For Teens: The 1st Visual Book on Soft Skills For Teenagers. Essential Life Skills For Teens Told Through Infographics – $24.49

This is a colorful, practical, and engaging 100-page guide for every soft skill a teenage boy or girl needs to be happy. It covers everything from goal definition and time management to reasonable budgeting and parent-child relationships. 

MODERN PARENTING TIP: In my experience, many teens actually read these kinds of books (mostly when you’re not looking!). This book is especially appealing because of all of the fun illustrations.

Click HERE to purchase the game.

Gifts That Promote Mastery

These gifts encourage a teen’s sense of mastery: self-exploration of natural passions, talents, and interests and gaining confidence through the consistent pursuit of these activities.

Root rt1 iRobot Coding Robot: Programmable STEM/STEAM Toy That Grows with You, Creative Play Through Art, Music, and Code – $199

Creative and seriously fun, a love for coding is one of the best gifts you can give a teen.

Modern Parenting TIP: Creating something from zero forces teens to use their imagination, ability, and skills all together at the same time, which leads to improvement in creativity and self-confidence.

Click HERE to purchase iRobot Coding Robot..

Gifts That Promote Connection

It’s important that your teen feel a sense of connection with their immediate family, a positive peer group, and to the world around them. When teens have a strong sense of connection, they understand how they fit into the world and why they matter to others.

Kids Against Maturity: Card Game for Kids and Families – $29.99

This instant classic was made and played by parents like you. With age-appropriate toilet humor and funny innuendos for the adults, it can be enjoyed by all ages.

MODERN PARENTING TIP: Games that promote humor and conversation help build a close and positive family bond.

Click HERE to purchase the card game.

Gifts For Fun

It’s ok to give gifts that are just for fun too! Here is a list of gifts that caught my eye.