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Tackle Your Parenting Challenge

Premium Parenting Classes

HERE’S THE TRUTH: most parents I work with are doing a great job with parenting, but something happens that throws off their parenting game a bit.

An anxious kid. A divorce. A teen that’s difficult to motivate.

Now what? That’s where I usually get invited in. A family will make an appointment with me and I’ll coach them over a period of several weeks or months in order to teach them specific skills to tackle their parenting issue.

I LOVE helping families like this, so in order to help even more families, I’ve put my best tips, tricks, and strategies into targeted parenting classes.

The goal of my premium parenting classes is to help good parents develop one or two new specific parenting skills that will drastically improve their families.


My courses will help you bring peace and fulfillment back to your family.

The Modern Parenting Suite of Premium Online Classes

Select a class below and get started on your journey to a more peaceful family today.


The Self-Motivation Success Academy

This 3-step formula teaches the parent how to set up the home environment to support the child’s natural ability to be curious, pursue interests because they are fun, and to relate positively to the people around them.

If you want to ensure that you are putting your child on the right path where they mature into young adults who are happy, interesting, self-assured and act according to their personal passions, values, and beliefs – then this is the course for you.

If you want to ensure that you are putting your child on the right path where they mature into young adults who are happy.

The Self-Motivation Success Academy is my SIGNATURE COURSE. This means that I pour 100% of my energy into the class when it is in session. It opens for enrollment in January and September.

Claim your spot on the waitlist TODAY and be the first to get notified when enrollment opens – space is limited!

How To Talk To Your Child About Their Anxiety

Don’t Just Watch Your Child Suffer – Be Proactive & Use My Strategy To Combat Your Child’s Anxiety Today!

As a child psychologist, I know that parents want to help their child find relief from uncomfortable – and sometimes unbearable – anxiety. A therapist can help the child or teen learn coping skills over time, but we aren’t there in the home to talk your child though an anxious episode.

You can help your child manage and overcome their anxiety – you just need to know how.

Taming The Tech Monster


How can your young child or teen develop their natural talents and passions if they are glued to a screen all day?

My online video lessons will show you how to help your child balance their online activities with OFFLINE ones.

This course is for you if you have a child that prefers to spend all their free time on video games, social media, or YouTube…but after completing this course, you’ll have a child who also enjoys worthwhile activities.