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Court-Ordered Parenting Skills Class

Learn Valuable Parenting Strategies While Earning Your Completion Certificate

4 Hour Class

The Basics of Parenting


6 Hour Class

Basics + Discipline and Communication Skills


8 Hour Class

10 Hour Class

What Topics Are Covered in Each Class?

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THE BASICS OF PARENTING Learn, or brush up on the skills needed to raise confident, happy, and responsible kids

What You’ll Get Out of This Class:

  • You’ll be able to identify whether or not your parenting style is HURTING or HELPING your child – AND you’ll learn the simple strategy to change your parenting style if you decide you want to
  • You’ll feel confident knowing that you have all the tools needed in your parenting “tool belt” to handle every difficult or emotional situation that develops with your child
  • You’ll learn how to make parenting decisions based upon YOUR OWN personal passions, values, and beliefs – not on someone else’s (this is one of my favorite lessons!)
  • By the end of this course, you will feel more confident and at peace with your ability to parent your child.

DISCIPLINE AND COMMUNICATION SKILLSBuild a better relationship with your child through discipline that makes sense and communication that makes you closer

In The 6 Hour Class, You’ll Learn Everything From the 4 Hour Class PLUS:

  • You’ll never feel confused again when it comes to managing your child’s behavior
  • You’ll create a discipline plan based upon your personal values and beliefs that serves to teach your child valuable life lessons
  • You’ll know exactly how to use rewards and consequences in a strategic way to teach your child these important life lessons
  • You’ll gain important communication skills that serve to build a close and positive parent-child bond


PARENTING KIDS IN THE AGE OF SCREENS – Don’t let smartphones, video games. and social media negatively influence your child!

In the 8 Hour Class, You’ll Learn Everything From the 4 & 6 Hour Classes PLUS:

  • You’ll learn how to ensure that technology – video games, social media, and “screens” – don’t control your child or your household
  • You’ll learn how to ensure your child’s self esteem doesn’t get affected by social media
  • You’ll learn how to create a household where your child balances their online time with offline activities that make them an interesting and good person
  • FREE RESOURCE: i give you my PDF parent-child contracts that give you the power to set limits – and to communicate these limits – with technology in your household (this is one of my most popular parenting resources!!)



In the 8 Hour Class, You’ll Learn Everything From the 4, 6 & 8 Hour Classes PLUS:

  • You’ll know exactly what to do to encourage your child to discover their own talents and passions
  • You’ll learn how to guide your child into becoming independent
  • You’ll learn the strategies needed to ensure your child grows their “motivation muscle” so that you don’t have to micromanage their day-to-day responsibilities
  • You’ll gain the skills needed to guide your child to become independent as they get older – you won’t have to worry about your child playing video games all day instead of being productive!

You won’t waste your time when purchasing any of my parenting skills classes!

I’ve worked with tons of parents over the years, and I know what today’s parents REALLY want to know. I know you want to feel confident with your parenting. I know you want to be close with your child.

And most of all…I know you want to feel good about yourself.

My classes AREN’T BORING or condescending. My goal is for you to succeed in your parenting goals, no matter what challenges might be in your way right now.

~ Dr. Ballinger


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4 Hour Class

The Basics of Parenting


6 Hour Class

Basics + Discipline and Communication Skills


8 Hour Class

10 Hour Class

Topics That Dr. Ballinger Covers in The Parenting Skills Class…

Kids & Technology

Today’s kids are connected to technology almost 24/7. Learn how to set healthy limits that make sense when it comes to your child’s daily tech habit.

I even provide you with helpful parent-child social media, video game, and cell phone contracts. These PDF contracts allow you to have effective conversations with your child technology and the expected limits their use.

Teaching Important Life Skills To Your Child

Did you know that almost every intreaction you have with your child is an opportunity to treach them important life lessons?

You’ll learn how to identify your own passions, values, and beliefs so that you NEVER miss an oportunity to pass along these important life lessons.

Effective Discipline Strategies That Really Work

Learn how to bring order and peace into your home using our discipline plan strategies. We will teach you how to create a parenting plan that allows you to raise your child using your unique passions, values, and beliefs.

Improving Communication With Your Child

The #1 reason that most relationships struggle is ineffective communication. Learn how to communicate effectively with young kids, teens, and with co-parents. In addition, you’ll also gain confidence in having difficult conversations when the situation calls for it.

Parenting With a Difficult Co-Parent

Got a challenging co-parent? Learn the skills necessary to parent with someone who seems intent on ruining your life at every opportunity.

Essential Tools For Your Parenting "Tool Belt"

You’ll never feel confused again during an emotional parenting situation because you’ll know exactly what tool to use from your parenting “tool belt”!

In addition, you’ll learn how to identify and manage the situations that tend to trigger you so you always remain in control during tough conversations with your child.


Manage Intense & Uncomfortable Emotions

Don’t let your life be ruled by the intense ups and downs of co-parenting! Learn strategies to create boundaries with your co-parent so that their actions don’t ruin your day.

Encouraging Your Child's Independence

Many of today’s kids seem like they’d be happy stying in their rooms playing video games all day or surfing social media…but you know they need to particpate in life!

Help your child learn to develop passions and interests that motivate them to pursue great things in life. 

Satisfied Students

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What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I like that Dr. Ballinger not only has a lot of experience with co-parents, but she has been through the co-parent journey herself. I definitely feel that she understands the struggle and knows what works and what doesn’t.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I like how the class addressed the parent themselves on a more basic understanding. It wasn’t just about improving skills, but about becoming a happier and better person too, and I really needed that!

I very much enjoyed this whole experience and feel that I’ve improved since the beginning to the end. Also, the lessons seemed very structured.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

All the topics are pertinent to most co-parenting situations. REALLY REALLY GREAT COURSE! I only took the course for my own self-improvement and I got more out of it than I expected.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I love how examples were given throughout each topic that was introduced. I love how she gave us situations from her own life or her clients’ lives.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I liked that [Dr. Ballinger] was thorough but not too overwhelming and gave all the examples to help relate it to life situations.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

Good videography, well-spoken, and great attachments

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

It feels like it’s one-on-one, and it’s broken up nicely.

What Some of Our Students Are Saying About Our Classes...

I liked the different recommendations given for the different developmental stages, rather than just giving generic suggestions.

Will This Online Parenting Class Satisfy My Court or Custody Requirement?

This is an important consideration, and we want you to feel confident knowing that our Parenting Class (sometimes called a Parent Education and Stabilization Class) WILL satisfy your court requirement – or your money back.

We have had our Completion Certificate accepted in Family Courts and CPS agencies in all 50 states – we’ve NEVER had a rejection! 

If our program does not satisfy a court or legal requirement, we will refund your money within 30 days of purchase when presented with written proof of its decline by the state or county official in charge.

**You will receive a completion certificate at the end of the course with a unique serial accepted by Family Courts and attorneys**