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Episode 62:

The Secret to Being a Happy Parent: Why Embracing the ‘Gain’ Changes Everything

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Is that all the progress you’ve made?

If you’ve sometimes had this thought about your child or teen, then today’s episode is a must-listen!

Today’s episode is all about turning that thought on its head, using a concept called the Gap and the Gain. This is a mindset strategy that’s easy to use – and packs a HUGE punch too! This strategy shows you how being in the ‘Gap’ mindset leads you to feeling frustrated with your young person’s progress, while the ‘Gain’ mindset allows you to acknowledge their “small but mighty wins’ –  relieving you of stress and frustration and SUPERSIZING your young person’s motivation to succeed! 📌 Here’s What You’ll Learn in This Episode:
  • [7:27] Dive into the psychology behind The Gap and The Gain and why it matters.
  • [13:37] Uncover actionable strategies to shift from the Gap mindset to the Gain mindset, including identifying signs you’re in the Gap and tips for embracing the Gain.
  • [20:42] Learn how to set smart and kind goals with your young person in 5 easy steps, designed to celebrate progress and foster a positive environment.
And guess what? This week’s Episode Guide, called, ‘The Smart and Kind Goal-Setting Guide,’ supports you in helping your young person make – and meet – important goals. Inside the guide is a worksheet that I created that guides you through setting those big dreams and breaking them down into the kind of steps that make your young person say, ‘I’ve got this’—all while pinpointing the perfect moments for a high-five, a hug, or maybe a celebratory dance-off. Start listening now to transform doubts into celebrations and watch how this powerful strategy changes the game for you and your young person.

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