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4 Reasons Why Modern Parents Are The Best Generation of Parents So Far

I think that Modern Parents are getting a very undeserved reputation! As a Modern Parenting Expert and a Modern parent myself, I definitely don’t identify with the stereotype that I often hear from others about parents of this generation. Too many times I’ve heard that Modern Parents are lazy, self-absorbed, and ignorant of good parenting techniques. There are 3 reasons why I think that today’s Modern Parents are the best generation of parents yet!  

Modern Parents Aren’t Afraid To Use Science and Research To Inform Their Parenting

  We live in a day and age where current information is at our fingertips. That means that parents are able to absorb great information that helps them make better parenting decisions. For example: Today’s generation of parents are great at researching new information and using that information to be better parents.  

They Encourage Their Child’s Unique Strengths and Interests

  Today, it is pretty well understood that every child has unique strengths and weaknesses – and when we concentrate on their strengths, then they mature into happier and more confident young people. I’ve noticed that Modern Parents are increasingly interested in encouraging their child’s individual passions and interests. For example, I had a client who was just super talented with photography and her parents bought her some used photography equipment and sat back and watched as she developed her talent. they didn’t push. They didn’t sign her up for photography contests. They simply allowed her to have enough downtime to practice her talent – and today she is well on her way to becoming¬† professional photographer!  

They Want a Close Parent-Child Relationship

  What I love most about Modern Parents is that put a lot of energy into building – and maintaining – a close relationship with their child. This is great not only for the child (they are more likely to mature into happier and healthier adults), but this is also great for the parent. When the parent puts time and energy into building a close parent-child relationship when the child is young, then they are also more likely to remain close with their kids as adults.  

Overall, They Want To Raise Kids Who Are Interesting, Motivated, Moral, and Happy

  I love that today’s Modern Parents are concentrating on the quality of their parenting – and this focus on quality is raising some pretty good kids. This focus on quality leads to raising kids who are easy to be around, try to do the right thing, and bring happiness to those around them.  

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